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Update on Stove Gas Shutoff Location

D107 Member Posts: 1,777
A month later and I've gotten different stories from local techs. First note that my town uses the NY Uniform Building and Fire Prevention Code. A plumber who does alot of work in my area and all over Westchester says that a shutoff behind the stove rear indent--raised a bit on black pipe coming through the floor after which the flex connects to the stove is good, that a shutoff accessible in the basement would not be acceptable.

Another plumber says on all his new construction jobs, Con Ed mandates the side cabinet shutoff location. Who has authority here; what happens when code and utility disagree?




  • The utility can

    add to the code but not take away. In this the utility has authority.
  • D107
    D107 Member Posts: 1,777
    thanks Tim; hard to verify policy on utility website

    Problem is, some solutions create more problems. Also new construction policy may differ from that for old housing. I think unless the job is done very carefully in the manner you suggested in the prior thread--probably more carefully than most plumbers would care to plan for--that side cabinet method might very well prove quite inferior to the old rear-of-the stove method.


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