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Hmmm, interesting press release

BC_11 Member Posts: 1
Now that I think about it I have to admire the guy in any case. As I see it there are 3 possibilities:

1. He's simply pulling a "free energy" scam. If so, this has to be one of the biggest cons of all time considering the funding he has and the high-profile backers he has on his board. Reprehensible, but also admirable in a weird way.
2. He's completely wrong but honestly believes in what he's doing. At least he's providing gainful employment to a bunch of scientists and technicians, and who knows, maybe they'll discover something useful along the way.
3. He's right, some of the biggest names in physics are wrong, and he's onto a source of nearly free energy. As I said I think this is by far the least likely scenario, but if it's real, he will instantly be elevated to Einstein-like status.

Now I'm kind of interested, I'll have to do some reading...


  • Glenn H
    Glenn H Member Posts: 14

    Press Release (May 28, 2008): BlackLight announces 50,000 watt prototype. 05/28/08 Releases/BlackLightPressReleaseProcessInfo052808Sb.pdf

    BlackLight Power, Inc. (BLP) today announced the successful testing of a new energy source. BLP has developed a prototype power system generating on demand 50,000 watts of thermal power using its solid fuel in a batch process and has extensively characterized the hydrino products - Commercializable Power Source from Forming New States of Hydrogen. 05/27/08

    BlackLight Power, Inc. has directly recorded the formation of hydrinos, hydrogen atoms in lower energy states, measured the extraordinarily energetic process, and isolated and characterized molecular hydrinos proving a new field of hydrogen chemistry and a powerful, clean, new energy source - Spectroscopic Observation of Helium-Ion and Hydrogen-Catalyzed Hydrino Transitions. 05/27/08
  • BC_5
    BC_5 Member Posts: 20

    Although this guy must be VERY convincing - lots of big names on his board and apparently he's gotten a lot of venture capital ($50million+). My knowledge of particle physics is too thin to wade through all the debate, but it seems like virtually every physicist that has looked at it says it's bunk.

    Of course, there is a .000001% chance that he's right and established science is wrong, it has been known to happen. However I can't think of more than a couple of examples where someone this far from the mainstream has been proven right. I do think science needs the occasional crackpot whether they are right or not to stir the pot a bit!
  • Glenn H
    Glenn H Member Posts: 14

    "BlackLight has established a 53,000-square-foot modern research and development facility in Cranbury, NJ, equipped with over 10 million dollars worth of laboratory equipment. Currently, BlackLight has 22 full-time employees, 2 part-time employees, and 20 consultants. The majority of the employees are scientists, including 8 PhDs.

    The Company's analytical equipment and means include the ESITOFMS, TOFSIMS, XPS, UV and EUV spectroscopy, high-resolution visible spectroscopy, cryogenically cooled column gas chromatography, thermal decomposition/ cryogenically cooled column gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, solids probe quadrapole mass spectroscopy, and Calvet, heat loss, waterflow, and waterbath calorimetry.

    At this facility, the Company's scientists are engaged in developing a vast class of proprietary chemical compounds, via the BlackLight Process, which have far-reaching applications in many industries including chemical, lighting, computer, energy, battery, propellant, telecommunications, aerospace, and automotive industries."

    yeah, your probably right
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