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How long to recover?

bruce_21 Member Posts: 236
I remember a heat pump setback stat that was supposed to learn how long it took to get back to the set point from its setback and start its ramp up in time to do it all without calling in the second stage. It was called something like "intelligent recovery". If its still out there it might do the trick for you.


    WV EGBERT_2 Member Posts: 98
    Radiant Set back

    for a weekend home being built.

    However owner concerned with coming up on weekend to cold house and waiting for temps to come up to comfortable temps.

    Because of this, at first he wanted a oil fired 80% Furnace at , but since fuel prices on a rise, we are now going with radiant and a mod/con.

    I assured him with proper controls not a big concern, i.e call in system, programmable stats, reset etc. We also considered hot water fan coil, not needed as supplement to heat loss, just to recover quickly from house at 55 degrees most of the week. But budget a issue as always, and they need to have the polished counter tops. The usual suspect. So now maybe back to furnasty. If I had hair, I'd pull it out.!!!!

    If we stay all radiant, is there some way I could compute time to bring a house from 55 to 68 at (x) outdoor temp. Factor in floor R values, mass etc/

    Btw, this is a Dwell like pre fab home, the second one I worked on, very interesting design, has double 2x6 walls for R-42 , R-50 in ceilings.


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  • Rich Kontny_3
    Rich Kontny_3 Member Posts: 562
    Phone Modem


    Plans change and a setback or set time sequence may not always apply. If he has a land line cheapest type phone line in the house he could set up a telephone modem that activates the heating system. In fact some of the ADT type security systems may have this feature,

    I have hooked up modems hat work for cold type situations or water problem events. This homeowner only needs a minimum temp setting with pickup about 2-3 hours prior to getting there.

    This would be the most custom thing I can think of without havinf a neighbor or caretaker involved. Most cabins or weekend getaways are subject to breakins etc. so maybe he has factored in a security system already.

    Rich K
  • Bill W@Honeywell
    Bill [email protected] Member Posts: 164
    Our VisionPro IAQ home control...

    connected to our Telephone Access Module(TAM) allows your customer to call from any touch-tone or cell phone and check status, turn equipment on/off, raise or lower setpoints or take a system out of setback. It also will call up to 4 pre-programmed numbers for to report abnormal conditions, but don't connect any life safety items (smoke/fire, CO, combustible gas detectors) to it. A land line for the TAM to connect to is required, it is not wireless. Available from any Honeywell distributor.
  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,403
    Slab or underfloor will make a big difference

    I like the Idea of the simple Honeywell call in module mentioned by Bill. If owner going up for weekend, call the day before and bring it up to temp. Also the assurance of a call if heat should shut down and house is in cold weather unless phone system down!!
    WV EGBERT_2 Member Posts: 98
    phone system is option

    I have a telephone system in mind already. The alarm co. is a good reminder,thanks.
    What I'm looking for is a formula to get close . It does not even have to be radiant, air, baseboard i.e. if heat loss in a structure is at maintained at 55* indoor air and 0* outdoor = 40,000 btu's, ( all constants, heat loss calcs. has already accounted for windows, etc outdoor air stays the same) in lets say a four hour period what would be the indoor air temp. rise if we added 50,000 btu/h instead of 40,000btu/h
    The tricky part of this equation is figuring effect of mass , lets assume furniture, surfaces are also at 55*

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  • Darrell
    Darrell Member Posts: 303
    Lead time

    We can bring our church sanctuary from 55 to 68 and sit on warm pews in four hours with time to spare. Thin cap of gypcrete on plywood. No insulation between floor and the basement which is heated. 5/8 wirsbo on 12" centers. Simple tekmar injection system and constant circulation of the floor. Tekmar averaging stats in four corners. 8-12 foot ceilings, lots of windows, (for a church), r-30 ceiling and r-19 walls. Kind of an industrial carpet on the floor without pad.

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