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Viessmann vs the rest...

Robert O'Brien
Robert O'Brien Member Posts: 3,385
got that from Parcells who said "You are what your record says you are" And Viessmann has quite a record.Even without ODR,you're still getting the Vitodens heat exchanger at the same price as anything else

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  • Tom Hopkins
    Tom Hopkins Member Posts: 545
    Viessmann vs the rest...

    Wow, alot of controversy on this subject. Alot of guys putting dollar signs in the Vie$$mann name and on the Vitodens 200 as they should. It is what it is, a top of the line gas condensing boiler with a complex menu driven control capable of controling several mixing valves and then some. Has anyone heard of the Vitodens 100? Same price as a Munchkin and all the major components (HX,circuit board,cabinet) are all assembled and manufactured in the same place. OK it doesn't come with ODR but i think they may eventually see things our way soon im told. So I stick a Tekmar on it. Yes at Viessmann they are arrogant and from what i saw in Germany they can be because i have never seen anyone wanting to be so perfect (99.99% is their goal to be exact) at what they do (except for me). Every boiler sensor is made there in house and those numbers in red on every component and sensor can be traced back to an employee to be held responsible. No I dont work for Viessmann but was impressed by their consistency towards perfection throughout their product line. I just wish they would see the Vitodens 200 for what it is (see above) and add ODR to the Vitodens 100 charge a few hundred bucks more and thats it. I should not have called the Gionnoni what i did, i was just still blinded by the light after Germany. As Belichick says "it is what it is".

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  • Paul Pollets
    Paul Pollets Member Posts: 3,427
    Vitodens 100...

    also has no DHW connectors (must use LLH for production)nor Matrix burner. The cost reduction from the 200 model is meant for applications using single zone temps. I prefer the 200 when multi-temps are required. The 100 can do multiple temps, but not as easy as the 200. The model was exactly meant to be "competitive".

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