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How to tie in my solar/wood boiler?

RianS Member Posts: 104
I have a customer who wants to install a wood boiler for the pool and for heating his home. Any suggestions on a good wood boiler?


  • Ericjeeper
    Ericjeeper Member Posts: 179
    I use a Bock fuel oil fired water heater for domestic

    It is also tied in to heat my slab via a double wall loop coil HX. Now with fuel oil out of this world. How can I also heat the water for my domestic? Sidearm be my best bet?
    I already have one pump for when the Bock is being used to heat the slab. But that is sort of plumbed backwards for heating the tank.
    I might have to redo some of my system plumbing. I used the same 013 pump that circulates my loops in the slab to go out and retrieve hot glycol from the storage tank outside. Even if I have to add another pump I am fine with that option. In the photos where you see the taco zone valve that is the incoming from the storage tank. The way it is plumbed currently I think I would need to relocate the 013 to achieve a loop through the heat exchanger.
    Here is the link to my online gallery. Thanks to all in advance.
  • Paul Rohrs_4
    Paul Rohrs_4 Member Posts: 466
    I have been tinkering

    with a hybrid solar system with boiler backup. I think a Hydroseparator would be worth the money in terms of integration for geo and wood boilers.

    This pic doesn't show the geo, but it could easily be one more plug-n-play application.


  • zeke
    zeke Member Posts: 223

    I would add a tapoff from the solar tank with a double walled heat xchnger between it and another loop from the top (HW tap) of the Bock and the bottom (near the drain), circulating the domestic water thru the Bock tank and keep the Bock running as it would normally, effectively transferring part of the total solar energy to be stored in the Bock; if it needs more heat, then the oilfired unit would turn on and off as normal with the benefit of the warm water being stored in the Bock tank a result of solar energy.

    No additional plumbing is necessary, but you would need some control of the new pumps-for example you would stop the circulation when the solar tank temperature is close to or less than the temp in the Bock tank.

    BTW, I have a 32 gal Bock that I use for baseboard HW heat as well as DHW using a circ pump, similar to the loop I described above without the heat exchanger but the reverse , since my BB heating absorbs heat and yours, supplies heat to the Bock tank, but same principle. I could add a heat exchanger hydronic unit to my A/C airhandler for additional hot air heating using the same principle as outlined above.
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