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grundos recirc system

Rich P_3Rich P_3 Posts: 34Member
Has anyone installed the DHW recirc undersink pump from Grundfos
Does this make the cold water hot? Is this an issue?
Is it worth it?


  • Chris SChris S Posts: 177Member

    I've installed several with the aim being to keep the pipes from freezing. Installs were in a steel warehouse type building , and bath above unheated garage. Customers had freeze ups, and burst pipes. The recirc stopped the freeze ups, but when you want cold water now you have to wait for it. So the answer to your question is yes.

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  • STEVE PAUL_3STEVE PAUL_3 Posts: 126Member

    We have installed quite a few of the Grundfos re-circs. With the temperature sensitive valve at the furthest sink or at the sink nearest to the problem area, it works really wel. I do not set the timer because if there is a power failure the timing gets all screwed up. Yes there is some residual luke warm water in the cold water pipe after the re-circ. has cycled, but we have found that the very first fixture used by most people in the morning is the toilet, not the Lav. That flushes any residual lukewarm water away. We have never had a complaint about hot water in the cold water pipes.
  • Al Letellier_9Al Letellier_9 Posts: 929Member
    grunfos recirc

    Ditto on Steve's remarks. Have two in my house and very happy with them. Easy to install and the "T" under the sink works great. No problem with warm water on the cold side.

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  • Rich P_3Rich P_3 Posts: 34Member

    Thank you, Gentlemen
    I will let you know how my customer likes it.
  • Bob Bona_4Bob Bona_4 Posts: 2,083Member

    you should ask..I just installed one last Thursday at my Dad's house. He loves it.

    Not typical... of course. He has a 40 year old Smithpak boiler w/ a coil hooked to solar. I had to put in a mixing valve on the total output side to the taps to make sure the recirc pump doesn't see over 150 degree water per Grundfos.
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