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reverse spin

Hello all,

Is it possible that when a run cap on a single phase condenser fan motor goes bad, your motor would spin in the reverse direction?

Josh W


  • Larry C_13Larry C_13 Member Posts: 94
    Motor spinning backwards


    Larry C
  • bill_71bill_71 Member Posts: 46

    i suppose it could be possible to have a short in a reversible motor that might make the motor run "backwards" but i have never run across that. a bad capacitor won't make the motor run backwards, it will only make the motor spin unbelievable slow or not at all. either way its probably spinning backwards because the condensing fan motor right next to it is still running full bore and pulling air though the shroud making the fan spin backwards:)
  • JBW_2JBW_2 Member Posts: 67

    Hey Larry,

    Is this a common occurrence?


    Josh W
  • Larry C_13Larry C_13 Member Posts: 94
    Edit to Yes.

    I agree with Bill. The motor can turn in either direction at a reduced speed. The motor will be hot from a lack of airflow and higher current draw.

    Larry C
  • David_5David_5 Member Posts: 250

    I've seen a Unico blower motor capacitor fail. I couldn't tell if it was running slower, it did run backwards.

  • mtfallsmikeymtfallsmikey Member Posts: 765

    It will try to start, fan blade wil try to move both ways, acts like its locked up but isn't
  • Larry C_13Larry C_13 Member Posts: 94

    I don't know, however it happens on occasion.

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