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wirsbo and viega

Kevin O. Pulver
Kevin O. Pulver Member Posts: 380
they are not exactly the same, but after I saw Hot Rod do it, I decided it was OK. I like the Viega stainless crimps and use them with Wirsbo (I can't say Uponor) tubing and my hand made manifolds. They're much easier to work with than the expanding ProPex style, and I think they look much more professional than the skinny little blask copper crimp bands that others offer. I like the Wirsbo ssc tool a lot, but they don't look as nice. Only downside to using the Viega is you need a tool for each size, and the SSC uses one tool for all sizes.


  • GW
    GW Member Posts: 4,676
    joining tubing

    a home owner laid down some Wirsbo tubing... I very rarely need to join on to some tubing that I don't normally deal with... am I good to just use the viega press ring and fittings? Thanks, Gary

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  • Mark_7
    Mark_7 Member Posts: 123

    The viega press ring is differant than the wirsbo. Better off using viega crimp ring
  • Supply House Rick
    Supply House Rick Member Posts: 1,404

    What's the advantage and disadvantages in your opinion? There is a lot of Uponor people who would disagree with you...

  • EJW_3
    EJW_3 Member Posts: 69

    You cant expand the viega tubing, thats why.

  • You could take a wirsbo pex by copper and a viega pex by copper, swet them together and go from there. Thats if this is not in a slab. I've done this a few times
  • Josh M.
    Josh M. Member Posts: 360

    Wirsbo Pro-Press fittings don't require expansion of the tubing right?
  • Glenn Sossin_2
    Glenn Sossin_2 Member Posts: 592
    can press

    Although the official position is you can't joint them, we have had dozens of situations where Wirsbo tubing has been connected to Viega, or other types of pex using the Viega press rings and regular pex/crimp fittings- no issues.

    You could also use a compression x compression union and join them that way.
  • Mike Dunn
    Mike Dunn Member Posts: 189
    uponor tubing/viega tubing

    One word: Sharkbite coupling baby!

  • Tim doran_5
    Tim doran_5 Member Posts: 1
    ASTM Listing

    As long as the tube and fittings are listed to the same ASTM they should work. Most PEX is lsted to F876/F877. Are you joining PEX to PEX or PEX to FostaPEX?

    Tim D.
  • Bob Forand
    Bob Forand Member Posts: 305

    Hi Josh, the pro press does require expansion. It is in print in the new list price book.
  • Rich Kontny_3
    Rich Kontny_3 Member Posts: 562

    Josh I think you are getting Uponor (or Wirsbo's)pro-pex composite fittings mixed up with the Pro-Press system from VIEGA that is used for copper and stainless piping. Due to the inflated costs of copper stainless is now getting to be a viable substitute for copper. I had the Viega rep in several weeks ago and he said the pro-press copper and stainless will have the same ODs so the same press tool will work for both (very cool)

    Pro-pex has been around for a number of years now from Uponor (wirsbo) it is a composite material that is very cost effective as an alternative to their brass fittings.

    The proper way to join the piping would be to use the MRP (manufacturers recommended procedures) this would insure that you are not voiding the warranty by mixing and matching. I would watch out for Sharkbites as we are starting to see failures with conditioned , R/O and other treated water. If this is a glycol system I would definitely avoid the Sharkbites. We stopped using them as they are weeping and creating callbacks in many applications.

    We never put Sharkbites in walls or concealed areas as we felt they were not a proven system. This worked in our favor on callbacks.

    Both Viega and of course Wirsbo have excellant pex systems and both have jointing systems that are proven in the field. Unless you want to void the warranties and assume the liability of doing so don't mix and match!

    Rich K.
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