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Radiator output

While I agree that <U>EDR</U> doesn't actually include <I>every</I> darned radiator, it's by far the closest I've seen in a single source.

The radiators you question are of the "slenderized" variety--basically a compact version of "slim fin tube" rads.

The good thing about old iron rads is even though they were produced by many different companies in an almost bewildering array of appearances, manufacturers really did do their best to standardize the ratings among roughly similar rads.

The ratings you need are on pp. 190-192 under "Burnham Slenderized Radiator". The height and width won't be exactly the same but for the same number of tubes and roughly the same height, the EDR rating is identical.

BTW, before I bought <U>EDR</U> I did my utmost to measure the actual surface area of an ARCO 6-tube, 25" high "slenderized" rad and came up with a touch under 3 sq.ft. per section with jives very well with the Burnham rating of 2.9 sq.ft. EDR per 26" high 6-tube rating of 2.9 sq.ft. EDR.


  • Tad Johnston
    Tad Johnston Member Posts: 1
    Radiator output

    I have some hot water radiators and need to know the EDR to determine output. I purchased Dan Holohan's book and can't find them. They are American Radiator Co - one is an Arco (31 sections)and one is an Ideal(27 sections). They are 22" high, 3-1/2" wide and are 3 tube. I also have a National Radiator(14 section) 5 tube that is 22" high, 5-3/4" wide that is not in the book either. Needless to say I'm extremely disappointed in the book.
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