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New boiler - before and after photos

that actually ships the gas burner with the boiler. I have heard of people using Carlin EZ-Gas burners in Weil-McLains, but this is not a factory option. So we use the Smith.

We had done a few different gas boiler brands, but moved to the G-8 when we discovered it. The added efficiency and fuel flexibility make the G-8 a no-brainer.

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  • Nelson_4
    Nelson_4 Member Posts: 36
    New boiler - before and after photos

    I'm a Boston-area homeowner who has posted a few questions on the Wall in the past. I've learned a lot here and wanted to share some photos. At first I wasn't even sure that I needed a new boiler, but you all convinced me of that! One of the other things I learned was the importance of not hiring a knucklehead. Fortunately, I was connected with Norm Harvey. I think the quality and pride of his workmanship speaks for itself...
    The new boiler is a Burnham MegaSteam MST288. The old one was a Weil-McLain Series 1 circa 1950. We were using 200 gallons per month in the winter to heat 1350 sq. ft.
    I'll update this next winter to compare usage. Thanks again for all of the advice and opinions along the way!
  • Boston_2
    Boston_2 Member Posts: 107
    We are updating as well

    The workmanship looks amazing! We live the Boston as well and are looking to convert our old oil boiler to a new gas steam boiler. What made you stay with oil? Can I ask what price ranges you were getting to do the conversion?
  • Paul Fredricks_6
    Paul Fredricks_6 Member Posts: 88

    Looks very nice. I'm sure you'll be happy with the results next season.

    Boston, we make it a point not to talk price here on the wall. I imagine you could contact Nelson privately, but here we try to keep things just technical.
  • Nelson_6
    Nelson_6 Member Posts: 24

    The main reason for keeping oil was that we don't have gas in our house, and for steam heat, the MegaSteam seemed to be the best option for efficiency.
  • Anna Conda
    Anna Conda Member Posts: 122
    Money well spent

    Oh my, how beautiful! I especially like the touch of the reducers upsizing the risers. Lovely clean workmanship (I'll take that over a granite countertop any day ^_~ ) I predict this won't take long to pay for itself! Someone's going to be sitting snug and cozy while he compares his bills this winter ^_~
  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    That's first-class work

    Norm, you should be proud.

    "Boston", unfortunately Burnham doesn't offer the MegaSteam with a gas burner (yet?). They know we want it.

    If you want the most efficient gas-fired residential steamer you can get, look at the Smith G-8. This is Smith's 8 series oil-fired boiler unit with a Carlin power gas burner in it. The gas option comes from the factory so there's no guesswork, and the thermal efficiency (not the same as AFUE) is about 6% better than the usual dry-base atmospheric gas boiler. Last but not least, you can have a pro change it to oil firing if the price per BTU unbalances the other way.

    A good G-8 installation will look much like Norm's MegaSteam installation. Here's one we did.

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  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,397

  • Brad White_185
    Brad White_185 Member Posts: 265
    Norm Harvey does excellent work!

    No doubt about it. Nice job as always, Norm. I wish I owned a steam system some days...
  • GW
    GW Member Posts: 4,302
  • Nelson_4
    Nelson_4 Member Posts: 36
    Yes, those are 3-inch risers

    Norm explained that this helps to slow the exit velocity of the steam. The drop header helps too.
    The system is completely silent now - no more water hammer!
  • Rich P_3
    Rich P_3 Member Posts: 34
    well done!

    Its great to see class act work!
    Your customer will and should be happy for many years.
  • Brad White_185
    Brad White_185 Member Posts: 265
    I have to tell you

    Norm and I worked on renovating an older steam system with multiple issues (no Hartford Loop, dry returns above the waterline, false waterlines squishing the A dimension, poor venting, one radiator that never did heat...) Burnham IN-4's as I recall but really bad connecting piping. Well, Norm did the pipe work, I just advised and dropped Norm's name all over the place. Everyone involved is glad of it.

    Norm used a 3-inch riser and dropped header, proper equalizer and Hartford Loop, trenched returns to eliminate the high waterline...

    The Owner (the tenant of the Owner actually), loves the outcome! Burning fuel gets them heat, quiet, dry steam. I am seeking the before and after gas consumption but I know it is less and comfort is way up.
  • Keith_13
    Keith_13 Member Posts: 21
    gas burners

    Steamhead, can you tell me what other make of boiler offers a gas power burner for a steam boiler? Smith is a fantastic boiler, but I'm mostly putting in WM's and Burnham atmospheric.

  • Ted_9
    Ted_9 Member Posts: 1,718

    Nice job Norm!
  • tom_82
    tom_82 Member Posts: 66
    looks great!

    Congradulations Nelson!!
    Great job Norm!!

  • Norm Harvey
    Norm Harvey Member Posts: 684

    Thank you very much everyone!

    more than any other kind of install, I love steam. I had my brother in law who is being trained in the business on this job with me and I love hearing on the ride home: "You know, when your working you dont notice it, but when it's all done and you step back and see what you've done, you amaze yourself"

    After fifteen or so years, I still feel the way he does.

    Thanks for all the kind words,

    "We see the world as WE are, not as IT is, because it is the "I" behind the EYE that does the seeing"
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