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System 2000 install

bill_97 Member Posts: 172
The customer did alot of research on what to have installed in her home . After checking online and with neighbors and co workers , she set her sights on an EK .

We replaced this boiler , I think it's a Stewart Warner ? Is that a brand ? I hardly ever look over the old beasts . I just rip 'em out .


  • bill_97
    bill_97 Member Posts: 172
    EK and 80 gallon storage tank

    This was installed by Phil , Kenny and myself . Paul was good enough to stop by with the power handtruck and helped us haul the old mama up the stairs . He also stuck around and helped us wire the system .

    This was one great customer to work for . But she was having some doubts about her choice of equipment . We reassured her she made the right choice . I have to print out the finding from BNL about side by side comparisons of heating equipment . Just to put our customers minds at ease .
  • JOE_104
    JOE_104 Member Posts: 15
    very nice install

    the old beast that you removed looks like a homart/dunkirk boiler
  • Rich Ferris
    Rich Ferris Member Posts: 72
    Nice job!

    I didn't know you were a closet System 2k installer. Is that a Frontier (I hope) so it can be cleaned from the front. I also noticed the Filter is actually attached to the base. Now that's secure. Whats up with the manifold for one zone. Is there going to be added zones in the future? The old one looked like a Hobart to me also. I have 2 of them on my route. Looks good though.

  • neat pipings,however

    Neat pipings job.... however, 2 questions...
    1) expanison tank at water heater "hanging" up right without support? 2) flat plates exchanger installed horz and tends to get air bounded? I was told to install flat plates with fittings on top for air purging/removal..
  • Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien Member Posts: 3,537
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  • bill_97
    bill_97 Member Posts: 172
    We'll sacrafice

    some longevity with the expansion tanks for safety . We had a guy break a few fingers taking out a properly hung expansion tank once . And from what I've seen and our service dept. tells me , the orientation of the expansion tank makes no difference in how long it'll hold a charge of air . The tank itself is hung off a 3/4 brass tee , nipple and ell . In my book , that plenty o' support :)

    The flat plate heat exchanger is premade to fit that way from Energy Kinetics . Although I would like it hung horizontal like you said - easier to pipe that way .

    Thanks for your thoughts and compliment rjbphd .
  • bill_97
    bill_97 Member Posts: 172
    We installed

    maybe 5 or 6 System 2000s so far , and I'm liking them more and more . I'm trying to find some fuel usage data from the first ones we put in . I think I might put one in my own home . Being under the stairs in the middle of the house , quietness is the main factor for me , with fuel usage a close 2nd . This unit is serviced from the front .

    EK ships copper manifolds with the boiler . I used them both on the supply and return . The copper stubs are kinda short , so I sweat street ells and caps on 'em .

    The oil filter , mounting bracket and flex line come with the boiler . I like how it mounts on the pedestal .

    Thanks Rich .
  • Ken Field
    Ken Field Member Posts: 127

    We always order the EK-1 with 1 zone option. I have more trouble trying to make the headers work and look neat than doing it with black. Also have never had an air problem with the heat exchangers since they changed them for the frontiers.


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  • Long Beach Ed
    Long Beach Ed Member Posts: 1,187
    The Old Dunkirk

    That Dunkirk Series 13 was a heck of a boiler when used for steam. Quite efficient, even today. It would be interesting to see what they save with the EK.

    What was their reason for replacing that Dunkitk?
  • Charlie Masone
    Charlie Masone Member Posts: 66

    Mabey because it was an old piece of crap, and with oil at 4.50 they decided that something that ran efficiently would make sense
  • Long Beach Ed
    Long Beach Ed Member Posts: 1,187

    I run several Dunkirk 13's and they operate at about 82%. I know we can do better, but replacing them wouldn't be cost efficient. Was wondering what motivated their move, especially to a steel boiler.
  • bill_97
    bill_97 Member Posts: 172
    The old boiler was still

    a big chunk of old iron that took a good long time to heat up . I'm sure the payback wouldn't be as fast as if we replaced a Federal or Repco . But with the price of oil what it is , payback will be pretty fast . And peace of mind having all new equipment .

    But to answer your question , she bought a new whirlpool bathtub and wanted something that could fill it with hot water . This sytem will do that and save oil as an added benefit .

    And in my opinion , this is not just a " steel boiler " . Well it is , but it's so much more . Did you read the BNL study on boiler performance of different styles ?
  • Charlie Masone
    Charlie Masone Member Posts: 66

    You seem to forget that we are in the business to sell boilers, not keep junk alive. Thinking combustion efficiency is not the best thing for the customer, keeping junk oil equipment in their home is just another reason to switch to gas.

    The Sys2000 is like a hybrid, it thinks about how to use energy, the dinosaur in the picture just knows how to burn oil.
  • Tony_25
    Tony_25 Member Posts: 26
    System 2000

    Hey, Nice Install. Petro & Meenan Oil are starting to sell System 2000 to there customers. I quess with the price of oil so high it now makes sense for customers to pay the extra to have System 2000 installed
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