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Needs Help!
Needs Help! Member Posts: 1
I had a second floor put on my ranch style home. My contractor did a total chop job on the heating on my second floor (not enough heating getting to the last room on the loop). They also installed radinat on most of my first floor, which is running OK right now. But the "old zone" of heat (the remaing 4 rooms on my first floor that are not radient) now BANGS everytime it kick on. WHY??? It drives me nuts! Its so loud I cant stant it! My contractor tells me its expansion. Expansion that never made that noise before! Is this possible and is it fixable!

Also, is the second floor heat fixable? The first room on the loope is sweltring and the last room is barley warm. They suggested we reverse the loop, which we did, and now the problem is the same, just in the reverse direction!

By the way, I have hot water base board heat.



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    You can see about possibly replacing existing circulator for a higher velocity one. By pumping the water through the system quicker it will allow the beginning and the end to be closer in temperature. Make sure that consult a HVAC company before you do it. You must know head pressure and piping size and length. Taco and Grundfos both have 3 speed circulator pumps. Also check flaps on baseboard and make sure if you have carpeting that it is not blocking off bottom of baseboard.
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