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vents leaking

Jim_108 Member Posts: 49
Thanks for the reply but the vents that are leaking have olny been on there for a month. It seems like ever since i installed that oz control I have been having a lot of problems. Is it possible its beacause the boiler is short cycling. It only runs for a few seconds to get to about 1 lb. then its off and on every couple of seconds. I have tried adjusting the dif. without much change. Maybe I just have to give in and put the old control back on but the building heat is just fine on the low pressure. Maybe I could put a time delay on the gas valve? Man I am really stumped this time.


  • Jim_108
    Jim_108 Member Posts: 49
    Leaking steam vents

    I operate a small apt build, three stories about 12 units. Running around 1 mil steam boiler and have been having a lot of problems with the #75 vents leaking that are located just over one of the main return traps.Why is there two vents right next to each other anyway? Are these the wrong type vents maybe? I also use these same type vents on the supply mains and they haven't been any problem. The only change I have made to the system is to instal a 16oz presure control so the system would operate at a lower pressure.

  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,576
    leaking vents

    i suggest you swap the leaking vents around--label them first as they all look the same.if the vent is bad it will leak wherever it was installed.i had to replace all of mine after 25 years of over-pressure.i have some doubled up where i need faster venting.not many days left to make this test!!good luck--nbc
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