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Indirect water heater water treatment/ cleaning?

hot_rod Member Posts: 21,844
is used in many closed loop hydronic systems. Hydronic conditioners are sometimes added, but make sure they are safe with potential potable water crossover.

If you have extremely hard water consider buying some DM de-mineralized water to fill the system. Most water conditioning companies will sell DI or DM water by the gallon.

Bob "hot rod" Rohr
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  • Vicki Szaszvari
    Vicki Szaszvari Member Posts: 2
    Water treatment or cleaning for an indirect water heater (boiler

    I've long been a lurker here but this is my first posting. I'm in Phoenix, Arizona, where boilers are rarely used, and this is the first of this type I've seen. It's a small Parker boiler with the sealed tank of water that indirectly heats domestic hot water.

    I got involved because I do closed chilled water loop and cooling tower water treatment for the facilities we take care of. Evidently, the boiler had a leak a few months ago and the guys repaired it, just filling that water tank inside with plain city of Phoenix (hard & alkaline) water. I'm adding some fittings Friday, draining it, and adding about 2 cups of NuCalgon TyIon water treatment.

    Should we do any other cleaning, other than flushing, of that internal tank before we refill it and add the TyIon B20? According to the website, it is

    "Ty-Ion B20 is a liquid nitrite-borax corrosion inhibitor and dispersant for closed recirculating systems. It combines corrosion inhibitors, a unique copolymer dispersant, and a color indicator into a complete treatment for both hot and chilled water closed systems containing ferrous and non-ferrous metal components."

    Thank you so much for your time and experience.
  • Terry Trommeshauser
    Terry Trommeshauser Member Posts: 34

    It sounds like that compound MAY be suitable for the boiler loop (closed loop). But I'd hestiate putting it in the Tank that stores the domestic water.
    I'm not familiar with that particular chemical - but it does sound like corrosion protection for CLOSED loops only.

    anypone else wanna chime in??
  • Vicki Szaszvari
    Vicki Szaszvari Member Posts: 2

    It is for the CLOSED TANK in the boiler. The domestic hot water lines run throuh that closed tank -- the waters never mix. The domestic hot water is heated indirectly. I guess I wasn't clear about that, sorry.
  • Terry Trommeshauser
    Terry Trommeshauser Member Posts: 34

    if it is a reverse indirect - you should be good to go then.

    If there is an inspection port, a visual will help you determine if an aditional cleaner will be required.

    good luck!
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