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Buzzing Baseboards

gary_6 Member Posts: 60
Just wedge a matchbook in between the baseboards


  • Eric_43
    Eric_43 Member Posts: 1
    Buzzing Baseboards

    We recently had our boiler replaced, and because we went with a high effeciency system, Keyspan forced us to use their own installers - Keyspan Energy Services. (they won't allow anyone else to install the "Munchkins").

    Keyspan ES did a good job with the boiler but they also installed new baseboards and I don't think they know much about that. A number of the baseboards buzz -- not clicking (we have that too but we can live with it). They vibrate and buzz loudly enough that you can hear them a couple rooms away. We have had Keyspan back out to fix the baseboards, but I think they just have no idea what to do. I'm sure they would come out again, putter around for a while, but with no result.

    So my question is: What causes buzzing baseboards? Is this common? Is there anything we, the homeowners can do about that? Or maybe anything we can tell Keyspan, so they'll know what to do when they come out?
  • alang
    alang Member Posts: 35
    Buzz O Rama!

    I fixed MOST of my buzzers. They were buzzing due to the stupid oil burner which vibrates the boiler and when the boiler vibrates, everything vibrates. I did it in several steps. First I addressed the baseboard casings themselves. I put some extra screws into them to hold them tighter to the wall. Wherever a pipe was touching the floor I chiseled away or resoldered so that it hung loose. I made sure all of the elements were seated properly within the little plastic slides.

    Then, I checked how the pipes were hanging. In a few tight spots the pipes were resting on foundation walls or framing members. I had to resolder some of the pipes. I then made sure that the pipes were free to wiggle everywhere. The pipes expand a lot when they get hot so if they are stuck between anything or make tight 90's they need room to expand.

    None of this fixed the buzzing completely but it fixed most of the ticking and they buzzed a lot less. I then put a little bit of silicone glue on the metal surfaces where things are attached like the end covers and the dampers. Voila. No more buzzing.

    I have one that is falling apart that needs to be replaced. The odd time it will start to buzz, I just go over and give it a bit of a kick.
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    What pumps?

    What size pumps are they using? I have yet to see an install with a pump that is undersized...in fact I'll bet that most are WAY too big.

    My own home came with a new Gas company supplied boiler and the radiators would "sing" when the heat kicked on.(single loop with cast venturi tees and cast iron radiators) Investigation led to me finding a water lubed pump 3 sizes too big. A quick swap out and problem solved.

    Have them show you the numbers and how they came to size the circulator...then sit back and laugh when they tell you "That's the way we've always done it". Chris
  • Peter Marren_2
    Peter Marren_2 Member Posts: 8

    the pumps are pumping too much water. if you have ball valves on the baseboard supply or returns you can prove this theory by slowly closing down the ball valve until noise stops. do this to each zone. they probably installed a taco 007 or b&g 100. try it you have nothing to lose.
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