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i did it

fattyfatty Member Posts: 54
here are a few pictures from a week ago, before i connected each zone, cleaned up and affixed the wires in place and did a few other small things. i'll get a picture of it in its final form for you. its much neater now.
the blue radiator is in a small bathroom. the whole system is piped in copper and in reverse return.


  • fattyfatty Member Posts: 54
    it is accomplished...

    i'm an everyday lurker, sometimes poster here. i read a few of dan's books found this sight and through the use of both, i learned to build a hydronic system from scratch.

    today was the realization of that goal. i fired the WMcga3, spark ign. and got my primary loop heated up in just a minute and a half. i flipped on the electronic control side of my system and the heat was transported, quickly and quiet as a lamb to the 4 zones i piped in my building. the american made thermostatic valve worked exactly as it should, and with a little fine tuning i had even heat in every radiator simultaneously. it was my greatest moment of triumph within a much larger project.
    i'm not one to ever be proud of myself, but i can't help it now.
    i want to thank you all for sharing your wisdom with me. i will continue to better myself and my understanding of hydronic heat and spread the gospel of steam and water.
  • R ManninoR Mannino Member Posts: 422

    I know that feeling, as I did the same thing you did. This website is wonderful as is that feeling. Just another hydronic HO.

  • JoshJosh Member Posts: 787

    You should be proud of yourself! I'm proud just to hear it!

    It reminds me of the first time my former apprentice (now our top lead) fired his first boiler. You would have thought he led the Seahawks to a super bowl victory.

    It is fun to see your creation work just the way you intended it to the first time. I still get excited and I have 53 hydronic systems under my belt.
  • Wayco WayneWayco Wayne Member Posts: 2,467
    I still

    get excited when the moment comes to watch it fly. Thanks for sharing your moment with us. WW

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  • Wild RoverWild Rover Member Posts: 41
    Proud moment

    Congratulations, It gives you a real sense of accomplishment dosen't it. Now you can ask yourself for the final payment for the job and at least you know you won't get stiffed (LOL).
  • Rollie PeckRollie Peck Member Posts: 24
    Do it yourself hydronic system

    Hi Tom:

    With a lot of help from Dan's books, this website and
    a great local hydronics heating contractor, I too greatly
    upgraded my hot water heating system. Added some custom
    controls to enhance it's operation, also.

    I had the contractor do the initial inspection, startup and checkout. I also hire him to inspect and clean the system every Fall.

    Although you have done the first two items already, I would strongly urge you to have a good local hydronics heating contractor check for proper combustion to reduce the possibility carbon monoxide or other dangerous gasses getting into your house.

    Rollie Peck

  • JohnJohn Member Posts: 6

    ...thats great to hear.

    Now lets see some pics
  • fattyfatty Member Posts: 54
    forgot to add

    this is the style of radiator i have, and i reconditioned about 20 of them, pressure tested, sandblasted, repainted and changed the spuds. next time i'll put a bag over them to keep the drywall dust off.

    edit: in the bathrooms they are blue, bedrooms black and in kitchens gold or beige.
  • mikemike Member Posts: 675

    that is a very neat package ya did there

    and go ahead and be proud, be proud
  • fattyfatty Member Posts: 54

    thanks! here are the before pictures. i know you guys like these.
    188k WM with, unfortunately, completely busted steel pipes. it makes what i did look better.
  • mikemike Member Posts: 675

    night and day

    i wish i had some before pics of my 1st, where the pumps and piping were 'supported' with woven nylon duct straping

    and again, go ahead and be proud. nothing wrong with being proud of an acomplishment, esp with quality
  • Rollie PeckRollie Peck Member Posts: 24
    Before pictures

    Hi Tom:

    Man! What caused that mess? Did the water heater blow up?

    Looks like you bought a real "fixer-upper."

    The galvanized tee on top of the boiler with the copper to sweat fitting may cause you some problems in the future due to galvanic action.

    Great job. What kind of work do you do for a living?

    Rollie Peck

    Home owner.
  • bob youngbob young Member Posts: 2,174
    cheap insurance policy

    i do not see a low water cut-off. protect your investment
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