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radiant temp

Gordy Member Posts: 9,546
The system is not giving the output needed, from the initial post.

Couple other things what is the sectional of the floor sandwich?

Is it insulated?


  • shawn_14
    shawn_14 Member Posts: 14

    What is the maximum water temp you can feed into radiant heat.
    I have a job where a previous heating contractor installed wirsbo quictrac operating off a sparco mixing valve. They also have a wirsbo floor stat to measure the surface temp. Can 180 degree water be to hot for the tubing.
  • Gordy
    Gordy Member Posts: 9,546
    To hot for the feet

    If the tubing can take it you might need Sorel boots to walk on the floor. 85* max surface temp. Whats the matter floor can't match the load?

  • kevin coppinger_16
    kevin coppinger_16 Member Posts: 6
    as stated it....

    is the floor temperature not the water temp you need to watch out for. A IR thermometer will allow you to measure that. The tubing can handle the 180 water...what are the floor coverings? in some cases if they put carpet down you might need 180f to get the floor to a comfortable temp and to heat the room....In your case start again...do the heatloss, then figure out what the proper temp is to set the sparco too....
  • shawn_14
    shawn_14 Member Posts: 14

    the flooring is tile
  • kevin coppinger_16
    kevin coppinger_16 Member Posts: 6

    that was done. Is there a lot of glass/ heatloss?...If you are running 180 to a floor there seem little sense to install the mix valve....kpc
  • Gordy
    Gordy Member Posts: 9,546
    Data needed

    What are floor surface temps now?
    What is the tube centers, 12"?
    What is the water temp. Now?
    What is the delta t of the loops?
    How long are the loops?
    What is the floor sensor set at now?
    This should be the first question what is the heat loss of the room?
    What is the area of heated floor?
  • Mike.C_2
    Mike.C_2 Member Posts: 7

    My questions would be what kind of boiler do you have. Why is it putting out 180. Most likely 180 is too hot for that system. most likely you will be putting over 90 for floor temp. Like stated do a heat loads and keep in mind the 85 max. I know the floors in my house are comfy at 75. any warmer and my feet are too hot. It's all about comfort.

    Also are you a homeowner or contractor?

  • 85 max for wood. you can push tile to about 90 before it starts to get too warm for *most* people.
  • Terry Trommeshauser
    Terry Trommeshauser Member Posts: 34
    definition of comfort

    I like floor surface temps no higher than 86F in residential scenarios.

    best definition of comfort = is the lack of discomfort.

  • like it all you like.. I've never had a client unhappy with a 90 max (remember that is only the coldest time of year) so I'm not inclined to stress about it. Perhaps they are wearing socks...
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