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baseboard on the wall

I guesas i have two questions.We did a install of a 490,000
btu coal boiler for a guy who has a grocery store.We actualy came in in the middle of it after someone had started it and was doing a real hack job,we corrected what we could and are going from there.
What i need to know is would i gain anything by changing to
P/S pipeing on the manifolds?
And two they are useing H/X in the plenums of the hot air furnaces,Which seem to restrict the air flow and require
realy high water temps to make enough heat.I was thinking
maybe Radiant panels on the walls.Owner wants to try base board which i think is'nt a good idea because it will always be being hit.Could you infact mount Baseboard up higher on the wall,like you see some old rad's?
Here is the specifics,
Boiler-Royal 490,000 btu coal
Supply and return manifolds are 2" with 1"zone take offs
Circs on supply side-Wilo Star S16 FX on lowest speed.
1" Zurn Oxy Pex to H/X
4 zones,Average Delta T at each H/X is 10.5 Deg
Average Delta T at manifold for each zone is 20.6 Deg
Average across whole system is 35 deg between supply and return.
Everything was spec before we got there.
Randy-Lee Braman


  • Brad White_185
    Brad White_185 Member Posts: 265
    High Baseboard

    Mounting baseboard high on a wall defeats it's best feature, providing a film of warm air along the wall and blocking radiant loss from occupants to an otherwise cold exterior wall. Mounting radiation high will certainly add BTU's to the space but up high, stratified.

    Old CI radiators were often mounted as such but at least had a fairly high radiant component- you could feel that. Baseboard? Not so much.

    If you can get low baseboard with heavy-gauge covers or even with iron bumpers if that is of concern you will do well.

    The advantage to P/S piping is to preserve the solid fuel boiler, keeping it hot while you blend-down to your heating needs, perhaps an ODR application. Otherwise, if all your emitters can use higher temperatures and they can be maintained in the boiler, why not do that?

    My $0.02

  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,550

    Why so many Circs? Pumpaholic?
  • [Deleted User]
    pumps and checks

    Those flow checks are not installed properly. they will always be open like that. Install spring checks. Like the wilo pumps, how come so many. Band G offers an isolation flange with a built in check valve, great way to utilize isolation and a check
  • Randy-Lee Braman
    Randy-Lee Braman Member Posts: 40

    As i stated in my first post we did'nt spec anything on this job,we sort of came in on the middle of the start.when we first arrived we found a 2" copper manifolds shaped like bannanas hung to the wall with pipe strapping,owner had bought all the materials for the original install per somebody at royal,and hence since he bought it he wanted it used.
    Mike i seem to have no problems with the flow checks,no ghosting and i know i pulled a pump the other day and it held.
    Brad thank you for your answer,maybe some commercial style base board.As far as the temp at the boiler thats pretty variable,i've seen the supply down to
    120 deg at time of refuel,thats why i thought P/S might help keep the temp more constant in the boiler.Most of the zone runs are over 150' with a average of 20 deg delt t
    across each zone,four zones.
    Randy-Lee Braman
  • heatguy
    heatguy Member Posts: 102
    cast iron baseboard

    i would install cast iron baseboard,expensive but will last forever really hard to damage. becareful if you quote price in most cases you have to pull it together like a big boiler push nipples ect i borrowed tool from suppler dont forget your end caps good luck
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