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Truck caught fire

Steve M_2
Steve M_2 Member Posts: 121
Was it a Sprinter?


  • Big Will
    Big Will Member Posts: 394

    One of my guys just told me that our dodge truck caught fire and its sitting on the side of the freeway. He did think to put it out with the fire extinguisher I put in it. They are towing it to my house now. My friends ask sometimes if I am glad I started the business. Hmmm its almost 9pm, I was up at 2 this morning to work in a commercial building. Ya I love it.
  • Big Will
    Big Will Member Posts: 394

    No! I would be really Po'd then. Its a 85 dodge 1 ton. The head gasket leaked on the manifold. No real damage they just dropped it off. I will have it running after a few hours in the morning. I really made my stomach turn when he said it caught fire though.
  • Jack
    Jack Member Posts: 1,046
    I was on a serivce call

    with a contractor a couple months ago and he ran out to his van to "burn out" with his propane torch a gas burner which had some spider webs up in them. He placed the torch back into the truck, brought the burner back in, we reassembled the unit, fired it up, thanked the homeowner and walked out to his truck. Maybe 30 mins, because I'm a gas bag. I was just getting into my car when he opended the side door on his van. A cloud of black soot/smoke came billowing out. No flames. Turns out that his off, but hot torch tip came into contact with a black plastic 5 gal bucket and kinda smoldered and turned into fine, fine soot. The whole bucket was gone. I swear I have never seen such a mess. Every surface in the truck and its contents were covered in a couple MM of soot. It was perfectly uniform in its dispersion. The seats, windshield, headliner, stock, racks, lunch, everything! I think if it had been my truck I would have thrown a match into it and hoped it caught. Boy, I felt bad for him. How do you clean something like that out?
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