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ceiling register door

Keep the access openings small then when it is time to service a fifteen minute job becomes and hour, an hour becomes two hours. There is also a good chance due to the frustration of the person trying to work under these less than ideal conditions that the job quality may suffer. Seldom is thought given to future maintenance or the people who have to perform it. Sadly this relates to higher labor costs on the part of the owner.



  • ken_53
    ken_53 Member Posts: 1
    hvac ceiling access

    I would like to know what you think is a sufficient size for hvac access doors in a ceiling for maintenance? Some installers want the same size as the filter which seem excessive to me.
    What do you recommend? Does it matter if there is more space between the dropped ceiling and the hvac machine above? In other words if you have 9" instead of 2" between the machine and the ceiling, I imagine it makes it easier to turn and re-adjust things within this cavity and change filters etc. If this is the case, can I minimize the access door size? It´s frustrating to depend on the installer´s opinion because they seem to vary a lot!
  • Brad White_185
    Brad White_185 Member Posts: 265
    Not only

    do access doors vary in size but filters and the people sent to change them!

    We specify (as HVAC engineers) 24x24 doors as a minimum usually. But if placed right below a unit, that is pretty useless.

    Off to the side and if possible allowing access to filters, coil connections and drain traps -from a single access door- is always a best practice. A 24x24 door will allow most filter sizes to be removed and replaced given the diagonal dimension.

    We also enjoin the GC to provide extra framing around these, really beefy as they impose a lot of stress on the surrounding GWB.

    Now, given that filter changing is one of the most common and cost-effective tasks, we also promote the use of filter return grilles. This takes the added chore of getting a ladder, opening ceiling tiles or panels, opening the hopefully accessible door in the AHU... and reduces it to the turning of two tabs, all from a step-stool. Keeps the return air ductwork cleaner too.

    Such a deal.

    My $0.02

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