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climate panels-Quik Trak

Drew_2 Member Posts: 158
Take a look at some of the FLIR pictures in the past issue of the RPA Radiant Heating Guide. You will see that aluminum is a good thermal conductor. This is not to say that one panel is better than another.


  • Bob C._2
    Bob C._2 Member Posts: 33
    climate panels

    does anyone know where i can get best price on climate panels or quik trak panels or any alternatives
  • Don Regan
    Don Regan Member Posts: 43
    Insulation info

    There is plenty of confusing info out there. Check out www.rima.net the reflective insulation manufactures assoc. and see what they say about their own insulation values.

    Many belive that xps is best because they have been doing it for 20 years. Find out why that may not be best. http://www.epsmolders.org/4-rval.html#In-Service R-Values

    Don't forget about the labor to install these. Simplify your life. www.crete-heat.com

    I have more info available on this subject but I'm not much of a book writer. We have had extensive and expensive independant testing done to verify the preformance of Crete-Heat. Please contact me directly if this is not enough info.
  • Don Regan
    Don Regan Member Posts: 43
    Sorry... wrong area

  • Paul Pollets
    Paul Pollets Member Posts: 3,656

    Viega makes the Climate panel, Uponor brands the panels and sells them under their name. Local distributors or wholesalers are noted on their websites.

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  • scott markle_2
    scott markle_2 Member Posts: 611

    This product is excellent but it's expensive for what it is- 1/2 cdx and a thin aluminum conductor/spacer. I have my doubts about how much conduction actually takes place, considering the aluminum is in limited contact with the pipe. It's up to the installer to make sure the pipe is bedded firmly against the plate and silicon. I think the aluminum is more important as a spacer than conductor.

  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Just my two cents

    I know everyone has thier preferences and ideas of design ...

    I have install thousands of square feet of Climate panel and all working fine. Designed correctly this is a great product that installs well with little change to floor hieghts.

    Scott Milne

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