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Ultra gas boiler issues

installed one unit in a friends home, had same problem after 13 months of operation. replaced blower assembly, still waiting for warrantee, its been four months. looks like a flaw in design.


  • Ultra gas boiler issues-FYI

    I have been installing the Ultra gas boiler line since it was introduced and have had excellent results EXCEPT for an alarmingly high failure rate on the inducer blower assembly. I have installed 45 in the past 5-6 years and have replaced 40% of the blowers already! I have been told that the failure rate is only 2% and no explanation has been offerred for what I have experienced. Any other installers in the same boat? I keep one inducer for each size boiler on the van just in case ( more often than not by the failures I have seen). The E-02 issue (power outage) has been 99% cured with their time delay box. That was very troublesome until they introduced that fix. The boiler has been great and has many advantages over some of the European models, just these "american engineering" issues muddying the waters on what should be a fine piece of hydronic equipment

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  • Uni R_2
    Uni R_2 Member Posts: 589
    Was the venting closely examined?

    Any chance it sucked back in the odd bit of exhaust?
  • Floyd_50
    Floyd_50 Member Posts: 8
    Not me...

    The only inducers that I have replaced were taken out by power surges...as in major screw-ups by the Power Co. that caused the local Walmart to get cleaned out of TV's also...
    Check the board in the inducer for a burnt smell, a black spot, or even a part blow right off of the board. Sometimes the burnt spot in the tracer can be hard to find, but all that I have replaced had that kind of damage.
    Don't have an exact count, but I'm sure that I have nearly forty out there of all shapes and sizes....
    I'd be suspecting of the power...

  • Shouldn't be an issue. I am careful about prevailing wind orientation, use the factory hood... The fan just stops turning most of the time. Sometimes if you give it a push, it will start moving and work OK, just to lock out on the next cycle. I actually had a batch I bought as replacement parts that didn't even have the molex plugs installed ( someone sleeping on the assembly line I assume). I believe the Munchkin and new Burnham usits use a version of this blower. Wonder how it has held up on that front?

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  • Dave_16
    Dave_16 Member Posts: 51
    Weil Mclain Ultra blower assembly

    Our Ultra 155 had this problem after 5 years and 2 months of normal operation.  Two months after the warranty expired - go figure!  Replacing the blower assembly fixed the problem.  The error code was E 29 - and it was clear that the blower was running continuously.  Last year, though, we had a delayed ignition problem due to a fouled igniter, which was cured by just cleaning off the ignitor tip - so I bought a new one just in case.  Although not a boiler problem, the Taco secondary circulator that was provided with the Weil Mclain installation package also died after only a couple years, but that was replaced free of charge under warranty from the installer.  Apparently these circulators were known to have some issues, and the newer versions are supposedly better.
  • Al Letellier_21
    Al Letellier_21 Member Posts: 402
    Ultra fan issues

    Have had and now have another issue with and Ultra 80 I put in my mother-in-law's house...Moisture is getting to the fan as it is located directly under the intact air connection. A new drip collar is available to catch any condensate and I have been told this will solvet the issue.
  • Batman
    Batman Member Posts: 1
    Time Delay Relay Weil Mclain Ultra 105 for 'E' power troubles

    The Ultra goes into hard lock out when outside power is lost for more than 4 hours - which really isn't very long.

    The unit alos \goes in hard lock out for minor outages if electricity stutters and then returns itself ok, like in a minor outage or system transferal from the power company provider.Weil McLain states the fix is the time delay relay--Question is it ?, a success full fix for it ?

    The relay has arrived in the mail --- however the unit doesn't appear to accept romex wire , no screw down connector strip for it -- apparently///// does the romex go straight into the time delay box /// box also has pipe fitting knock out holes ///is it ok to bring romex into it without pipe //// whats best way to connect it up ---- if terminal crimp connectors are used --- cab they go on romex itself --- will changes in the metals mean a bad connection over time ---- will this third thing in the middle be something weil mcclain can turn arround and blame if something goes wrong and get off stating the trouble was it and not them ?
  • Pete M_3
    Pete M_3 Member Posts: 11
    This is my take

    I have the same issue, Have a service guy coming to fix it under warranty.  This winter will be my third season, also use it for DHW.

    I found that if I pull the 120V connector and plug it back in it will run for awhile.  One cycle or up to 10-12 cycles, but eventually it hard locks with an E-29.  called tech support and they kinda laughed and told me to replace the blower assembly.  Asked if the board could be replaced, they said no.  Seems like a waste of mony when it is likely a sensor or the board that only needs to be replaced.  Thought about wiring in a switch on the 120 connector that I could tun off then on.  But thats crazy.  Writing on the label of the blower seems indicate that it is made in Germany.

    Not too happy that I may have to spend several hundred every couple of years to replace the blower.  Not something I would expect when paying what we pay for this boiler.  the money I save on gas goes to parts instead ??????

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