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Outdoor unit replacement

and it can be done with mis-matched units, as i did here at my house, but it's a STEEP learning curve/5 refer pulls, and i wouldn't do it again. and that's with the academic help of a very patient supplier/tech


  • Tom_31Tom_31 Posts: 6Member
    Outdoor unit replacement on old systems

    Does anyone have an opinion on only replacing and outdoor unit on a 10+ year old heat pump also considering that the old compressor has been deemed inoperable.
  • Henry_6Henry_6 Posts: 32Member
    Replacement Condenser

    I would suggest that you run the other way. If you just replace the outdoor unit, the evaporator will never work correctly because it needs to work as a system and there is no "I" in team. You will be forever trying to get it to work with expansion valves and other flow regulators, but it will never come close to the rated capacity.
  • joel_19joel_19 Posts: 931Member

    Non matchted systems are big no-no esp with heat pumps. It will never perform the way it should several REPS have hinted to me that in the future there will be NO warrantee on such installs
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