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TP Valve spitting water 100k btu

Listen to Dave, SHUT THE DAMN THING OFF AND CALL A PRO then let us know what happened. It may be easier to wave as you fly on by, but do e-mail from a save location.


  • Mike Z.
    Mike Z. Member Posts: 23
    Valve Spitting

    This is a new boiler, been up and running with no problems for about 4 months. i went down to the basement yesterday to look for some shims and noticed water on the floor. i looked at the pressure gauge on the front of the boiler and it was up around 100psi, there was also a red line just past 100 where im assuming this is the danger zone? i tried turning off the water feed valve and let out water until the pressure went down to about 80 and the valve looked to me like it stopped spitting. so i went and got my shims amd on the way back through the valve was dripping and the pressure went back up, so i turned the feed back on and turned the heat down.... any ideas? full expansion tank?

    If not,, you better CUT power to it RIGHT NOW!!,, BACK OUT OF THE BR,,and get to the phone to get a Pro in there, PRONTO!
  • Mike Z.
    Mike Z. Member Posts: 23

    its off, but what could it be? just curious what to look for when the repair man starts quoting prices.
  • Bruce Stevens_2
    Bruce Stevens_2 Member Posts: 82
    I raerly see 100 PSI gauge

    on a boiler, so you may be looking at something other than psi, you mention a red line that is the overpressure line then you most likely have an undercharged expansion or extrol that went south, less rare it could be a bad feed valve or a leak in a coil to tankless or hot water maker. Could this gauge be on a hot water maker and not the boiler if 100 psi on a boiler the other posters are absolultely correct keep it off until help arrives. If this gauge is on your hot water maker you may need a pressure reducing valve to keep the main from over charging your system.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    might want to check the gage.

    most boilers hang in around the 12->24 psi range.

    the relief is fairly standard at 30 psi....if you have a T and P maybe you could have that kind of pressure never tried it...

    just a WAG there...
    MIKEINNYC Member Posts: 2
    OMG 100LBS?

    You win the award for luckiest SOB man alive. I seen a boiler blow and it's not pretty. Anyone near that boiler could of been blown up or burned like Freddie Kruger.

    You are so lucky your T and P worked!!! Sounds like your bladder went zero psi from usually 12psi. Replace the bladder and add me to your life insurance policy. Just kidding. Get out your wallet and pay 100 bucks for a visit from a licensed pro. I'm serious 100lbs is twice the power of a fired bullet of 50!
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