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Gas Heat Problem

scrook_2 Member Posts: 610
...if it heats water or generates steam it's a boiler, if it heats air it's a furnace.

Whatever you call it though, it could be an issue with the way the new boiler is plumbed/piped, or could be something else too, photos of the boiler and near piping would be helpful.


  • Bustoff
    Bustoff Member Posts: 2
    problems after an oil to gas conversion

    I live on the top floor of a three decker. We just converted from oil to gas. For the first few weeks half of our radiators wouldn't heat up. We now have heat, but are paying about $500 a month for gas. The first floor is only paying about $200. I have no idea what the plumbers did to the heat or why we had no heat for a few weeks, but I suspect something is still wrong. Any ideas?
  • Jim Pompetti
    Jim Pompetti Member Posts: 552
    Give us more

    Is it hydronic or steam .
  • Bustoff
    Bustoff Member Posts: 2
    More info

    It's steam to single pipe radiators. They just took out the old oil furnaces and tossed these in.
  • need more to go on..

    You have a plumber take out the boiler and replaced with furnace ? Got any pictures?
  • Tim Weaver
    Tim Weaver Member Posts: 49

    I'll post pictures of the new furnace in a day or so.
  • jim_156
    jim_156 Member Posts: 6
    Call your oil service company

    Oh I forgot you switched. Good luck getting the plumber to come back, cause I know the gas company isn't gonna fix it. Sounds like something is piped wrong, j/k on the oil company joke.
  • edjoecdn
    edjoecdn Member Posts: 1
    Would you self operate ???

    Okay, I may be Canadian, but is a three decker an apartment block or a home ?

    As for the subject line,...
    There is an extreme amount of details you'd need to provide before anyone could ( or should ) give any advice !
    Now would be a good time to rely on the services of a professional !


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