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too. Sorry Nick.



  • Phil_17
    Phil_17 Member Posts: 178

    what about having different catagories on the "wall" for various types of questions:
    1.steam [the king]
    2.hot water
    4.misc. philosophical questions [if a pipe hammers in the basement with no one around...etc.]
    this would make it much easier to post questions and read replies for those of us who will be unable to hit the 3-day window due to vacation necessity of spending time at the beach in the carribean or wherever.
    also can all who post here please not use the line for SUBJECT as merely a place to start the 1st sentence?it makes it hard to go back and find old postings when there is no short description of content there--nbc
  • John_173
    John_173 Member Posts: 63

    agin it.... (Yes, the sentence fragment in the subject line is intentional.)

    I enjoy reading the various postings on (& off) the Wall. I spend some time at other sites (not much, I admit) where postings are more segregated & that only slows my browsing down. Nevermind that a posting may begin in the theoretical or philosophic realm & then morph into the practical (or vice versa).

    Think of this as a magazine format - not every page may command your attention. You might, however, be enticed into subjects you otherwise would ignore.

    Then, too, if steam were segregated from water (for example), one might miss issues common to both, etc.
  • John Starcher_4
    John Starcher_4 Member Posts: 794

    ...agree with everything John Said.

  • Bob Gagnon plumbing and heating
    I will not change Dan

    used to post this way, remember. Thanks, Bob Gagnon

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