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Auto-feed adds too much water to boiler

I have a WM SGO-4 with a Uni-Match WF2-U-24 waterfeeder and M&M low water cut-off.

Since the day it was installed, it overfills, so after two years I have decided to figure out what is wrong.

When the water level drops in the boiler, at most, it is only one inch on the water glass. If the water level drops any more, the feeder adds five gallons of water, which takes the water level perhaps half an inch above the top of the watch glass. As a result, I never use this device.

I want to have it work properly since if I ever go, my wife will never tend to this. The boiler rarely needs water, so there aren't any leaks.

Thanks for the help.
Steve from Denver, CO


  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    The probe on the LWC maybe dirty
  • Steve Garson_2
    Steve Garson_2 Member Posts: 708

    Thanks for the comment. The low water cutoff is not a probe type but a float type. This as been the problem since it was new two plus years ago. I just never bothered to address it.

    Does the feeder allow water in based on a timer or the float in the shut-off?

    Steve from Denver, CO
  • Bruce Stevens_2
    Bruce Stevens_2 Member Posts: 82

    it runs off the float, however there is usually a time delay to allow a surging boiler time to settler down before feeding water, also there are three rubber orifaces that come weith that feeder, you probabably need of the the smaller orifaces. The other thing that can happen is a clogged return that holds water back until it builds enough prerssure to run back to the boiler.
  • Lyle C
    Lyle C Member Posts: 96

    The Unimatch has three settings based on which low water cut off it's matched with. Down load the instructions on the feeder on some settings it will feed 1 minuit and then pause on other settings it will feed until the LWCO is satisfied. This feeder also came with your choice of rubber washers to restrict flow to 1-2-5 gallons a minuite. Maybe it was removed or never installed.
  • Steve Garson_2
    Steve Garson_2 Member Posts: 708

    I'll get the instructions and check on the orifice. Maybe the feed rate is too fast. My returns flow fine. Since I don't use the feeder, the watch glass never drops more than an inch.
    Steve from Denver, CO
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