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Vent Alarms keeping me busy!

Rich FerrisRich Ferris Member Posts: 72
I used to get these jobs in the late Summer because the oil drivers would call it in and it was good fill in work. This year has been a different story. The insurance carrier got on this particular oil company that I subcontract for because of filling the tanks without a proper whistle or it not working properly. Ive been getting vent alarms to clean or replace due to being blocked by Bees or Wasp that get lured by the smell of fuel oil then get overcomed and die. Then that first Fall fill up and they get jamed in that oriface. This year has been the worse. The fact that it's cold out makes it a pain in the a??. But it has to be done. Today I found this one and it was intacted. I replaced the cap with a screened style so it will deter these flying money makers. I tried to attach the picture. My 5 year old looked perplexed for a while about this whole thing.



  • Ed_26Ed_26 Member Posts: 284

    Better to do it now, than fight the bugs in summer....
  • I can understand Rich,

    This TJ had me baffled until I found this.
    I guess its kinda like birds huddling around an unlined masonry chimney to keep warm,, they usually wind-up in the cleanout!

  • Rich FerrisRich Ferris Member Posts: 72
    Don't you love those calls

    The unit won't start and the TJ is running and it's late at night and your outside clearing a sample tube of a draft prover because a bee or something's head got stuck in it. The customer says "Oh yea that happened last year too" Meanwhile during the day another tech didn't even check the tube to see if it was clear but disconnected it and reattached it and told the customer it was a fluke. Hmmm. Makes you wonder.

  • Again Rich,

    I know the feeling, this one made me the hero,, but I went there only after no-one else did,, so I took any glory awarded LOL!

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