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Crane boiler replacement ( Ron Jr. )

bill_97 Member Posts: 172
Never seen a boiler so large in one of these homes . Usually it's just a tin can Federal . Another tight fit , this was not a fun rip out . Check out the mud in the bottom of the sections . Every one of them was plugged . You'd think this was pushing steam for 60 years .


  • bill_97
    bill_97 Member Posts: 172
    Burnham V84 and 50 gallon stone lined indirect

    Not our best work , but we covered the bases basically ..... We left enough room on the right to access the chimney and cleanouts . We kept the boiler and indirect apart enough to work on the multi relay . Circs on the returns again . No way around that unless we do a majr repipe in the basement . This was installed by Phil , Sal and myself . Kenny and Dave stopped by after they installed an oil tank . It was a real long day , non stop for almost 9 hours . No breakfast , no lunch , not even a cup o joe . We know it's not smart to work through lunch , but none of us wanted to be installing a boiler till 7 or 8 pm on a Friday . And these jobs always wind up being installed on a Friday .......

  • Well done again !
    Its a breath of fresh air to see the "ART FORM" hasn't died.

    Tiger Loop ? Was it a long pull for the Riello ?
    Has Extrol and ThermEx now turned the stickers the "right" way ? Don't want to start a war .

    Thanks Ron

    Ken Resnick
    He who knows WHY

    Shall be master of

    He who knows HOW
  • kpc_10
    kpc_10 Member Posts: 18
    nice job...

    Ron. There was probably mud in there because there was so little flow w/ a boiler so big. Was there a bulkhead.....or do I know the answer already. kpc
  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,738
    Ron, question

    Don't you worry about shocking the boiler with multi zone like that? I would have thought primary secondary or maybe thermostatic bypass? Nice pipe work though.
  • bill_97
    bill_97 Member Posts: 172
    No worry

    about shocking the boiler . 3 baseboard heat zone and the indirect on priority , there isn't much system water . And the aquastat has a low limit so the circs will not run a prolonged time with low temps .

    If there was cast iron baseboard or freestanding rads we always pipe a bypass in .

    Thanks Tim .
  • bill_97
    bill_97 Member Posts: 172

    We had to reconnect to an overhead 1/4 inch oil line about 25 feet in length . Knowing how a Riello screams like a banshee on slightly higher than normal vacuum , we decided not to take a chance .

    I've always been saying ..... let me apply the stickers after we install 'em .

    Thanks alot Ken .
  • bill_97
    bill_97 Member Posts: 172
    Bulkhead ?

    Actually these home aren't too bad to get equipment in and out of . 5 steps up into a nice sized living room and 15 feet to the garage .

    We're kinda under the impression the system was losing water . These homes are notorious for slab leaks ( where they ran 3/4 copper to some baseboard ) . We jacked the pressure up but didn't see any drop . The feed valve is closed now , so time will tell .

    Thanks Kevin .
  • gerry gill
    gerry gill Member Posts: 3,078
    looks damn nice to me!!

    another gorgeous Ron jr. job!! but hey- whats up with all the room to work? where's the tight closet you usually get stuck with? hehe

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  • kpc_10
    kpc_10 Member Posts: 18
    1/4\" oil line!

    you must be joking....Must have broken into the icemaker tubing that day....kpc
  • bill_97
    bill_97 Member Posts: 172
    That's 1/4 inch OD

    The most common size we see . Any new tank install gets 3/8 minimum .
  • bill_97
    bill_97 Member Posts: 172
    This was

    just a little bit bigger than a closet . If there's gonna be a battle between servicability area and extra room for living space , we'll always lose .

    Thanks Gerry .
  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    Great job
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