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Is a Hartford Loop a code requirement anywhere?

Mitch_5 Member Posts: 102
that is needed for proper boiler operation. In Massachusetts the gas and plumbing code state the equipment shall be installed per manufacturer's specifications. So you can say it is code to do so. However I have never had and inspector check for anything other than venting, fuel supply, combustion air and water supply protection.



  • Fred Almeida
    Fred Almeida Member Posts: 12
    I was told that a Hrtford Loop is a RI code requirement

    When I was told by a heating supplier that without a Hartford Loop on a boiler replacement that we purchased from them can cause the problem we are having, I did'nt buy it. I was also told that the Hartford Loop is a code requirement.

    I'm out of town without the ICC code book but have my trusty internet up here in my cozy snow filled Washington Valley getaway. I figured I could research it here till I get to my book. The Wall is the next best thing. Sometimes even better.

    By the way, thanks Dan! Your success continues to feed success. Have you ever been told you are a contractor fool... I mean fuel.? (LOL)
  • JACQ
    JACQ Member Posts: 13

    The Hartford Loop was designed as a safety for the boiler to
    protect it against low water incase of a leak in the return
    piping,it is also used to prevent the boiler pressure from pushing the water out through the return once it is properly
  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,738
    I second the install manual to be followed

    As code states, installation per mfr specs makes it a code requirement.
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    Hi Fred

    sorry nothing to add to you question!

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  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
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