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the power of habit

his books, and mentioned all the info/help that's here on the wall, but they're still resisting. mind you, they're good techs at wire and fire, but hydronics..........
so, i'm in the process of making a working model of dan's additive/subtractive, point of no pressure change diagrams in 'pumping away', and maybe when they see it in action, they'll have no other recourse


  • old knowledge die-hards

    i can hardly believe it, but, i finally convinced the naysayers of pumping away to convert the 'problem' boiler to pump away from the atmo exp tank, pipe it to the ias, and remove the auto vents; VOILA! all the leaks stopped, and so far, no air lock

    but here's the kicker; so far, they still refuse to believe it was the incorrect piping, and are attributing the cure to flushing, 4x, the system of any remaining water treatment cleaning chemicals, and re-filling it with clean water

    thank you all
  • True Mike,

    Perhaps tell them to buy one of Dans books(Pumping Away comes to mind), then maybe it`ll "sink-in"?

  • Timco
    Timco Member Posts: 3,040

    You should remind them about all the O2 that comes with all than fresh water, and yet the problem is solved....

    Just a guy running some pipes.
  • ooooo, good point

    and i sorta did that this afternoon, but they see 'air' in the piping as big glugs that come out as big, once-entrapped hisses. and once that's out, no more air problem

    hey, maybe that's the ticket. since they see air in that manner, maybe if i can convince them with something that they already know, they'd see the connection. they're seeing a leak as place that also allows air to get inside the piping, vs simply seeing a leak as a reduction of water volume, therefore, since there's no auto water feed, the only thing you can be left with is the 'space'/air, where the water used to be

  • mike

    Sounds like a "tough sell" for you, even after a re-pipe and still not convinced?
    I`ve met people like that before,,black is black,,white is white,, tough to persuade even with proof!
    Good luck to you, I hope for your sake it`s worth-it.

  • worth it?

    yes, very questionable, and i'm not interested in riding the horses, so all i'll do is try to lead them to the water
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