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remote boiler operation

Thermister adapter:

You need to know what type of thermister your system uses to measure temperature. This example uses a Positive Temperature Coefficient thermister (as temp increases, so does resistance).This idea does not tamper with any of the internal controls and safeties of the boiler. All it does is present an altered room temperature to the controller. You will need to check the resistance of the thermister at your normal and inverse of your set-back temperatures. That is: if 70° is normal and you want to set back to 50°, you need to check the value of the thermister at 90° (70-50= 20° then 70+20= 90°). If the boiler is set to keep the house at 70° and we add resistance that tells the controller the house is at 90°--- the boiler will not run. When the temp. falls 20° (to 50°)the controller will think it needs to fire-up to maintain 70°. The great thing about this? You don't need any fancy reprogramming of the controller.

In this example,the thermister is 15k at 70°and 22.5k at 90°. R1= 22.5-15= 7.5k. Switch 1K1 is the normally open contact in your remote controller. When you call and activate the control, 1K1 will close and bypass R1, causing the boiler control to see the actual (50° at this time) temperature in the house. The boiler begins the warm-up. When you arrive, you close switch 1 and reset your remote control. With switch 1 closed, the boiler will operate normally. When you leave the house, open switch 1 to enter the set-back mode again. It can't get any simpler. However,you will need someone who knows your system to install and test this. Some systems may have multiple sensors for the room temp. This may not work with those systems.


  • Dave_75
    Dave_75 Member Posts: 10
    remote boiler operation

    Hi all;

    I have a Heat Transfer Products (Voyager Boiler) SSVH130-455A, the temp is adjusted by a pushbutton switch on the front which has a digital display.

    Since this boiler resides in a 2nd home and is undersized for the house (takes overnight for the in-floor heat to get to 65 on one zone), it would be nice to remotely adjust the temp and the thermostat.

    Does anyone know if there is an interface out there that can be dialed into and will control this boiler ? I imagine a remote thermostat would then connect to this as well ?



  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    First, the fact that it takes a long time to get up to temp may not mean that the boiler is undersized.

    Honeywell has what I call the "phone home" stat, the T8635L. You need to have a land line telephone at your second home. With that stat and two accessories that go with it, you can phone in and find out what the temp the house is and change it. You can also set it up to call you if the temp goes too low, or anything else you can sense with a set of dry contacts. To see it go to http://customer.honeysell.com. Scroll down to the bottom right corner and enter T8635L in the little white box. All the literature about it will come up. Click on the pdf to view the lit.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,495

    Also you can use a Freeze Alarm that has a set of aux. switches that can allow you to switch between two stats. Also Phone operated.
  • Dave_75
    Dave_75 Member Posts: 10

    Thanks or the info, I did hear back from HTP and there is no remote operation possible of the boiler controls.

    I already have remote sensors for temp and water in the house that calls me which I will probably upgrade to a dial-in feature for remote temp control but I always turn the boiler down when leaving the property.

    I imagine newer boilers have the remote capability..


  • Bruce_24
    Bruce_24 Member Posts: 1
    help Voyager trouble

    I have a voyager aprox 5 years old . three weeks ago the pressure switch l.e.d. was flashing , changed it worked good for two weeks .Now some times the pressure switch l.e.d. will flash ,unit goes into LOC . cycle power and runs good for a while (2 houres to three days ) Have clean intake and exhaust , blower motor is working fine no broken fines ,combustion chamber is clean ,had a heater tech. check and adjust gas valve . When the motor first starts to purge the combustion chamber sometimes it only runs for 1 or 2 seconds . when that happen the unit will not start . heater tech. best guest is a bad control board, ????? could that be it , if so where can I buy one ???? please e-mail ([email protected] ) any help gettig cold fast

    thanks Bruce
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