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Viessmann Vito 200 parts

Steve K_3
Steve K_3 Member Posts: 1
Hi All,
I had a 'OD' fault come up on my Vito 200, after a trouble-shooting with some help from Bill Lawlor at Viessmann in R.I. the bad part was the H2O pressure switch. No big deal right? Bill gave me a few dealers to call to get the part and I called away. After calling around 12 suppliers in an ever increasing circles ( I am on Long Island,NY) I was ready to take the ride up to R.I. well I ended getting Bill to order it from Ont. Canada overnight. I jumped out the switch in the mean time. But my gripe is that no one had any parts in stock not even the regional distributer!!! I think that is a load of ____. This is the first hick up in 5500 hours of run time, I love the product but there should be a better parts supply chain and minimal
part bin at the dealers or distributer.

Stay Warm, Go Giants!

Steve Kritzberg


  • Paul Pollets
    Paul Pollets Member Posts: 3,656
    Vito 200 parts

    We've instructed the local rep to stock the major parts. The pressure switch, the internal pump, VR20 board and LGM board. If you're a contractor, make your presence known to the rep.

    In the world of "non-stocking" distributors, repair parts have become a "just-in-time" commodity.

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  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,738
    parts stocking

    This is my gripe also, would be nice if the wholesaler would stock some parts for the equipment they sell. In turn, as an installer, I stock many different parts when I sell a certain piece of equipment so my clients don't go cold. Can't stock everthing, but we try to stock what may or does go out on a more frequent basis. Tim
  • heatboy_3
    heatboy_3 Member Posts: 14
    As a contractor.......

    ..... who installs a certain brand of equipment, shouldn't I stock what I need to service the unit(s)? That's tough to do in these days of proprietary designs.

    For the Vitodens, I try to keep most wearable items like ignitors, gaskets and pressure switches. For the 200 8-32, which is the unit I have installed the most of, I have 230 volt trans formers, an LGM board and even the variable speed pump. But I'm sure it will be the part I don't have that will break :-}

    Fortunately, the Vitodens is pretty much bulletproof when compared to the other "mod/con" ( I hate that nickname) equipment out here.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,514
    Breakdowns HM

    If you like the Boiler and you possibly even have a couple boilers out there that you even Installed your self than maybe it's time to Stock up on a couple parts. I've got a blower for the Small/ Large Boiler a outdoor sensor. and the Board. Next thing i am going to do is to Have a 15/60 as a Show/ Emergency Parts boiler. I may have to Drive back to the Shop,but at least i will have the part. AS i've said before i think that Triangle Tube is doing a great job with the Service kit they offer. Some of the other "Big dog" Boiler manufactures should really take a look at this, But i there Eye's it' s not a problem. Just think about all the Phone Troubleshooting they can avoid. also when the boiler is up and running within a reasonable time most customers are "Happy" and will remember this. But when the Boiler breaks down and you have to wait some times even up to a week for a pressure Switch, they and the installer will remember this and when the subject "Heat/ boilers" comes up they will express them self negatively towards the "Bad" Boiler Manufacturer/Installer(That is why i do not install Buderus anymore). I Think that Mercedes did a study on this and the results was something like the customer will tell 8 friend about a negative and 3 friends about a positive experience. Richard von Heatmeister
  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,738
    I agree on the Triangle

    The first one I put in I bought a repair kit as I knew quite a few were going in by others and I was pretty sure I would do more. Now after a dozen or so, have not used one part but glad I have it. :) Tim
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,514

    Yes it this a very reliable boiler/Company. I've got a good track record with them.
  • Kritz_3
    Kritz_3 Member Posts: 85

    Thanks for the thoughts, I will be compiling a short list of parts to have on hand. This is my own system and I guess if the retailer and distributer chain do not want to have these items on hand I will have to fend for myself. So a transformer,delta pressure switch, flame sensor,spark rods,circ. motor, high limits,ignition tx,H2o press.sw....
    Anything else you can add? I am not a heating contractor but a Local #1 Plumber who likes to have state of the art equipment at home. I still think it would be great if there was a supplier that had a few of these items on hand. I guess that is the price you pay for going top of the line. Thanks again for your input.

  • joel_19
    joel_19 Member Posts: 931

    The parts problem is HUGE but not a Viessmann problem I have just as much trouble with my A/C systems hot air systems American boilers etc. It is dispicable that the transfer houses do not stock parts for what they sell. it's all about the turns with them customer service and support for the most part is a thing of the past.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,514

    I know that this is a very expensive suggestion ,but if you like this boiler then (and this is what i am doing) maybe just buy one that you can hookup on a display with a Propane bottle. This is a sales tool/Trainings tool/ troubleshooting tool and a spare parts boiler all in one!.If you decide to just go with replacement parts you are taking a chance that you will not have that little part that you need,also parts as a separate thing are more money than the hole boiler.
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