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Cast-Iron Radiator Removal Question

Chris_99 Member Posts: 1

I am hoping to remove a cast-iron radiator so that I can renovate the room it sits in.

The problem is that there is no shut-off valve on the localized feed for this unit. Since this feed stems from the main feed line for the entire house, I would have to shut off heat to the whole house in order to drain this one unit. That is not really an option in winter in Canada (currently 32F).

FYI, there is a shut-off valve on the localized return.

I'm assuming I have to wait until summer, but I thought I'd post this to the experts to confirm.



  • Dave Stroman
    Dave Stroman Member Posts: 763

    Yes, you will have to drain the entire system. Once you remove the radiator, the lines can be capped off. You can them refill and bleed all the radiators to get the heat going again. You will go through the same process when you reinstall the radiator. What we usually do is install a new valve on both the pipes. That way when the radiator is reinstalled, you simply turn on the valves and bleed it. Avoids having to drain the whole system again.

    Dave Stroman
    Dave Stroman
  • jay_40
    jay_40 Member Posts: 3
    Water Spits Out from Air Vent on 1 1/4\" Baseboard Steam (1 Pipe


    I took out an upright multi column Cast Iron Radiator & replaced with Slant Fin Baseboard 1 1/4". This is a One Pipe Steam. The baseboard is on the Ist floor above the boiler in the same room as the Thermostat. The Baseboard Spits Water from the Air Vent: Gorton 54 or Hoffman 500 (now 508)

    What can I do to correct this?

    Bring the air vent up higher (how high)?
    Run a return line back to the boiler?
    If so, which is better?

    Running a return line from the end of the baseboard by putting a Tee (top of the tee for the air vent & the bottom the tee for the reurn line)or
    putting a Tee in the Steam Supply line feeding the baseboard and running a line from the bottom of the tee back to the boiler?

    What size pipe should be the return pipe?
    Copper, black, galvanized?
  • jay

    Unfortunately no simple fix, just raising the vent wont help. You will likely have to pitch the rad in the direction of steam flow,,then either drip back into the wet return in the basement[if you have one nearby], or back into the steam main through a loop seal.
    Be careful though, there are rules that apply to doing this. If you have a copy of LAOSH,,Dan explains them on pgs.98-100.

    Hope this helps.

  • jay_40
    jay_40 Member Posts: 3
    Cast-Iron Radiator Removal Question

    What is LAOSH? Does anyone have a copy of pgs. 98-100?
  • jay

    It`s available in the HH library under the resources
    tab. LAOSH refers to "The Lost Art Of Steam Heating",,,pick up a copy there,
    you`ll be very happy you did!

  • in 2 or 3 years... LAOSH will be in

    LAOSH ( Lost Art Of Steam Heating ) will be in Webster's dictionary...
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