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Outdoor reset

Bob_102Bob_102 Posts: 16Member
We have a steam economizing system, the Beckett HeatManager for commercial systems, not enough energy left in a residential steam boiler to make it worth it.


  • Ron DRon D Posts: 14Member
    Outdoor reset

    I accidentally posted this as a reply to a different thread, so pardon the double posting:

    Are outdoor resets for hot water systems only, or can they work on one-pipe steam systems? The information I am reading suggests they control water temperature, which makes me wonder if thay can work on steam...or is there an equivelent control for a steam system to reduce overheating on warmer days?


  • carol_3carol_3 Posts: 397Member

    My friend Dave Stroman the steam guy says it's not possible with steam. THe best thing you can do with steam is use a set back tstat, use a vaporstat on the boiler to run low steam pressure, use thermostatic radiator valves or vents to balance the radiators, and just do the normal maintaince that a steam system does not often received.
  • Brad White_184Brad White_184 Posts: 135Member
    But there is the other aspect

    of cycles per hour.

    I agree with the use of TRV's and vaporstats as Carol and Dave Stroman suggested. Those stand regardless.

    Still, one can vary the cycles per hour (firing start to warm condensate return via a sensor) based on outdoor temperature. The Tekmar 269 and Heat Timers work on this principle. This would have the effect of keeping ahead of heat loss when the ODT changes and this is all really more applicable in multiple unit buildings where not everyone can agree on the thermostat setting, location, (color, style...)

    Hardly the same effect as ODR on a continuous circulating HW system but there is some anticipatory and limiting features with cycle per hour operation.

    Worth doing? Maybe on a large multi-unit apartment building. But where you have one thermostat to satisfy and it is in an appropriate location? I could not justify it. The thermostat is the real judge.
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