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broomwell system

"everything was removed in boiler room"- that's where you need to start.

Broomell, like many Vapor systems, vented the air from a single point near the boiler. The dry returns carried the air from the rads into the top of the receiver/regulator. From there, a pipe led to a condensing radiator and then to the chimney. They used the chimney draft to help pull air from the system.

You need to see if there is a way for the air to leave the dry returns. If not, at the very least you need to add some good-sized main vents to the dry returns. If all the old Broomell equipment is gone, the dry return vents may also be gone. I've seen this way too many times.

Take some pics if you can. I wouldn't do anything to the rest of the system until we confirm that the air can get out of the dry returns.

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  • kevin_60
    kevin_60 Member Posts: 38
    broomwell system

    I have a customer with a broomwell system all rads only heating 1/2 way. The boiler was changed 10 years ago and everything was removed in boiler room. Also several quintuple valves were changed with angle rad valves and a couple of broomwell traps replaced with thermostatic traps.
    Is the only option to remove all broomwell traps and install thermostatic traps, quintuple valves for rad valves install traps at end of mains and posable condesate pump.
  • kevin_60
    kevin_60 Member Posts: 38

    There are 5 dry returns that tie together above the water line. The fastest main shuts the vents and the boiler just short cycles on pressure. My first thought was to tie returns together below water line and install vents on each return. But not sure if it would work.
    I am going back this week to speak to owner and take pictures.
  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    That would definitely work

    but before you do it- why is the steam rocketing thru that main?

    If you're running the system at more than 8 ounces or so, you could be blowing out the Broomell water seals and allowing steam into the dry return.

    A Vaporstat (L408J1009) would cure this.

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  • kevin_60
    kevin_60 Member Posts: 38

    I appreciate all your help. Idid forget to mention that the boiler does have a pressure control set a 2 lbs. The rest of the system should be intact all asbestos covered. But i will take a closer look when i go back. Thanks again i will keep you posted.
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