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purging air

gairz Member Posts: 3
Hi all. my couple of questions.

I'm a homeowner, not a pro.

when purging air do I need to shut my boiler off? circ pump off? I have boiler drains and valves to purge. just curious on the above questions.


  • gairz
    gairz Member Posts: 3

    Okay. that's what I thought.
    thanks so much for the help. I coudln't find the answers anywhere else. I searched this site. searched google searched yahoo.. I knew I could find it here.. thanks so much!
    I see the Go Packers thread is hot. must be I've mistaken this site for help on heating (Heating Help dot com). must be a sports site! Maybe I should go over to GoPackers dot com and search for some answers..
    p'oed in Penna..
  • Matt_67
    Matt_67 Member Posts: 284

    First I would like to appoligize for some one not responding sooner but some times patience is a virtue. many of the pro's on this site have to work on sat helping the clients that enable us to stay in bis and offering our help here is a service that we do not get paid for. having said that yes you should at least turn off the circ just because making it pump to nowhere is putting wear and tear on the pump. the boiler should be shut off and cooled down to avoid shocking the hot boiler with ice cold water. the next thing to be aware of is the pressure rise when the cold water is heated may need to be released to get back to ideal pressure. a pro in the feild may take short cuts because we know what limits can be pushed safely but a h.o. with out the expperience should go through the shut down and complete cool down. hope this helps

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  • Bob Forand
    Bob Forand Member Posts: 305

    I find your comments to be rude. You are lucky to have anyone reply. There is a search feature here that you may have been able to see past threads on purging. Good luck with your system.
  • gairz
    gairz Member Posts: 3
    Thanks JK! that's what I was looking for..

    you don't have to apologize.. it's not a pay site..

    and also, Bob, I did search this site (see my rant post) I probably was a little rude but noticed at least 25 posts to other threads including a football thread! I thought it would be a fairly easy question to answer and expected somewhat of a quicker response. But apparently there wasn't anybody on the board at that time capable of answering it. just a bunch of football fans. ;)

  • dmy hvac
    dmy hvac Member Posts: 33
    purge air

    GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!
  • jk, you're a saint

    the guy even iced his thanks with a rude manner
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