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boiler for steam/hot water hybrid

My old steam boiler is dead. I want to keep my two pipe steam system. It's working fine. But, I would like to buy a boiler that would let me do two things in the future, if possible.

a) radiant floor heat in the kitchen (This would be really easy to do since I have a basement and the kitchen floor is exposed. Currently there is no radiator at all in the kitchen.)

b) radiant floor heat or baseboard heat for two new rooms. I have a roof over a back porch (1st and 2nd floors). I want to enclose them sometime over the next 5 years and will need to provide heat.

I am having trouble finding a contractor with the knowledge that you folks have here. I tried the "Find a professional" link but there was no one in my area. I have a guy that does commercial that will sell me a boiler, and I think I'm going to have to do it myself. Also, I don't have a lot of cash right now. I might be willing to find the cash for the right person, but so far the folks I've talked to really aren't that knowledgeable. Nobody was even going to do a sizing even though I've replaced the windows and added floor and roof insulation since the old boiler was in place!

Anyone have a boiler that they know for sure will provide this level of flexibility?


  • rick_47
    rick_47 Member Posts: 3

    where are you located ,
  • Al Letellier_9
    Al Letellier_9 Member Posts: 929
    hybrid steamer

    Tom, properly sized and designed, anybodies steam boiler will do the job. I happen to use Weil Mclain exclusively for my steam boilers and all kinds of help and support is available when you ask correctly and appreciate the help these manufacturers make available to the trade. What you are proposing is not out of the question. Kudos for wanting to keep the steam. An old system is usually just some TLC away from being a great source of comfort. Keep looking, someone out there can help you. Let us know where you are located. Many someone knows someone.

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  • Tom Woodman
    Tom Woodman Member Posts: 15

    I'm just a stone throw northeast of Detroit.
  • Tom Woodman
    Tom Woodman Member Posts: 15
    Lost Art Of Steam Heating

    I actually bought Lost Art Of Steam Heating a couple of years ago. When I first bought this home (1920 American Foursquare), I didn't know anything about Steam. I only knew that the knocking had to stop! I haven't read that much of it, really, so I'm no expert. Plus, I basically have no experience. I have a respectable aptitude for it and I'm pretty handy with plumbing and electrical. Mostly, Internet research has opened my eyes to what is possible. And, its helped me ask the right questions. Unfortunately, I've only come across contractors that are intimidated by my questions which makes me think they are just insecure in their craft or embarrased that they are not up on the current trends in the craft.

    Anyway, do you know if this book describes how to do the hot water part of the system? As long as I pick the right boiler, I could just get the steam side going now and have plenty of time to learn how to do the hydronics.
  • Tom Woodman
    Tom Woodman Member Posts: 15
    boilers under consideration

    I'm considering either a New Yorker CGS-50A, or Utica PEG-C Series. But, the guy that would get it for me could also get me a Peerless, Burnham or Weil Mcclain.

    I skimmed the manual for the New Yorker and for a Peerless but neither of them talked at all about how I could come off of it to supply a radiant floor loop. That's what's got me bugged.
  • TLynch
    TLynch Member Posts: 19

    I put an addition on my house w/ radiant w/ heavy plates. I added another indirect onto my Weil McClain Gold steamer and potable indirect setup. The boiler makes plenty of hot water for both indirects and still steams fine. And the indirect acts as a heat exchanger, so I don't have boiler water pumping through my pex.
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