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Insulating a Steel Deck

J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
A nice 4" PVC sleeve, with a couple of cuts to fit the pipes and valves above...would be a GREAT way of making sure the insulator knows that you need to get at them again.

I've run into this a few times, and that stuff is really hard to cut out around a buried valve or fitting...not to mention a fire hazard too!

Give the insulator guides to follow...or better yet, make it insulator proof, BEFORE they spray. (I know..I know, sometimes these guys show up on the weekend, and it's the G.C's OBLIGATION to tell you of this before it happens. (Communications, what a concept!) Chris


  • Ok, I can't find any of the other threads I've seen asking about this, so ONE more time... how are you guys insulating suspended steel decks w/concrete on top?

    I believe we'd need some kind of fire-rated foam.. any particular products out there anyone recommends?

  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Spray foam

    is what we used on a job in progress. I left it up to the insulation contractor to chose the product that meets the building and fire codes. This is a home with most of the job over crawl space.

    hot rod

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  • Al Corelli
    Al Corelli Member Posts: 454

    Spray foam. Insulation contractor balked at having to insulate the slab. GC made him spray it. Came out nice, as they installed a dropped ceiling in my boiler room.

    The crooked pipe was installed by the sprinkler guys. I nearly blew a gasket when I saw that. He said there was too much (18 inches to 2ft.)foam above the ceiling to make the connection above. Turns out, the insulation guy buried gas valves, system isolation valves for the pool, DHW. What a mess.
  • Christian Egli_2
    Christian Egli_2 Member Posts: 812
    Insulating paint might come in designer colors

    Perhaps for looks, one of these ceramic paints could be useful. A local representative once showed me all the projects they did.

    The paint supplier link was supplied by Bruce a while ago here on the wall.


    I have used other ceramic paints in red hot high temperature burner applications to our full satisfaction. I have never used the latex based paints you'd use for wall and ceilings which we're discussing here.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    have the insulators

    spray foam the bottom of the pan decking.. thats what they do for a living..they are good at it. :)
  • I was told...

    by a company that specializes in the installation of the steel decking, that most decking manufacturers have companies that make custome fit XPS and EPS insulation for thier decking. Not being an insualtion contractor, I can not vouch, but it does make sense. If the decking is used on a roof, it HAS to be insulated.

    As far as fire proofing is concerned, hire a fire proofing contractor to make it comply.

    We're doing a couple of parking garage ramps in LoDo right now, and they sprayed urethane directly onto the bottom of the cement ramp, and will then spray fire proofing on that material. All approved by the city fathers (Bldg Dept).

    It can be done, you just have to know the right people.


  • Fair enough, thanks for all the feedback fellas!
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