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Don't forget to insulate the edges ! ! ! I've seen jobs with dead grass at the edge of snow melting sidewalk and driveway...


  • best way to insulate for snow melt

    We are starting a snow melt project and i was wondering if any of you guys have tried insultarp for insulating the ground. If any one has a better option please let me know i am looking for some opinions.

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  • Hi Mike,

    2" rigid foam. It's the only game in town. Don't buy the hype on tarp products; not one lives up to any claims that it is in any way comparable to 2" of rigid foam. And that's no opinion, that's a fact.
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    tell the best picture...

    It's your clients money. Spend it wisely, now and in the future.

  • Dave Jahnke
    Dave Jahnke Member Posts: 16
    Beaver Plastics

    If 3/4" is what you are using for your snowmelt then Insulworks may be a good product to look at. 4x4 sheets of expanded polystyrene pregrooved for your tubing. No wire mesh or cableties. Also provides a good r-value.

  • Bob Forand
    Bob Forand Member Posts: 305
    can you elaborate

    Mark, can you elaborate on the abbreviations please. Thanks, Bob
  • Cosmo_3
    Cosmo_3 Member Posts: 845
    Read the Fine print

    I just looked over the website, seems it is available in thicknesses up to 3". Looks like the way this product differentiates itself is that there are grooves molded in the top for the pex. Eliminates foam staples, or wiremesh and clipties is what I think they advertise.

    Check out the attachment it is a pdf file from the website.

    Looks okay R-value wise as long as you buy the correct thickness. However I would rather have the tubing surrounded by concrete, than in an insulation groove. Looks like only the top half of the pipe would touch concrete.

    Interesting though.....

  • Sure...

    BFB = bubble foil bubble

    EPS/BFB = 3/4" thick extruded poly styrene with single bubble foil bubble attached.

    XPS = Extruded poly sytrene foam (blue board, pink board, green board)

    Insultarp= self explanatory

    Barrier = THe Barrier, 3/8" flexible foam product

    Fan Fold is 1/2" EPS insulation in 4 X 2 sheets with a plastic hinge to act as a fan fold.

    If you subscribe to Contractors Magazine, this was the topic of the last three months article that I wrote for them. The articles have not yet made it to their web site, but will eventually, I hope...

  • EdyLogicMstr.
    EdyLogicMstr. Member Posts: 58
    Ok I'll give.

    Given the choice I'd prefer to see 2"XPS foam. Live and learn. I have. Not to say that I've had any bad experience with other any other products. Really hard to tell after the concrete has been poured. Although other products are much more easily installed, it's hard to ignore the fact that foam board is a better insulator. The math as well as ME's test have proven a lot. Never again.

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  • foamboard

    Thanks for all the input. The home owner seems well educated and he was the one who brought up insultarp. I think i will talk to him some more about this. The drive way is going to be coblestone pavers and there is going to around 5000 sq/ft of snow melt so i want the best insulation possible for the load.

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