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GB-142 question?

Steve_35 Member Posts: 546
We don't recommend a setback with any hydronic system...expecially if there is a chance the piping could freeze.

A home can take a few hours for the temp to drop enough to generate a call for heat. If there is a loop that has a whisper of outside air moving across it, that loop may freeze. We see this several times a winter. The minor savings resulting from using the setback are eaten up for several years when this happens.

The second consideration, as you mention, is comfort. When the system is operating close to design conditions the "leftover" heat - heat not needed to simply maintain temp - is minimal. It can take hours to recover from a setback.

IMO, setbacks are best used in FHA systems that have grossly oversized furnaces.


  • Dave_22
    Dave_22 Member Posts: 232

    I use indoor reset with the rc module now and TRV's with panel rads- the only thing i don't really like is that i would like to do temp setback at night. Do you think it would be more efficient to do outdoor reset instead and switch to a programmable thermostat for night time setback? i could cutback the temp for at least 8 hours at night. I worry though that since there is not a "boost" function, it could take quite a while to re heat in the morning. Thoughts?
  • Joe@buderus_2
    Joe@buderus_2 Member Posts: 302

    It is suggested turning the RC10 back just a few degrees to obtain the setback. The GB142 with the RC10 will look to do constant circulation and run the boiler at the lowest possible firing rate (down to 30%). Indoor reset can adapt to desired room temperatures setting changes much quicker than outdoor reset, especially if changing the desire temperature more than a few degrees. The GB142 will modulate the firing rate based on the delta T (difference between supply and return temperature). Many times the GB142 operates at full firing only during domestic hot water production or when the outside temperature is at the design temperature. It is suggested to contact the installer and inquire how the system was designed to operate.
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