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help on radiator

scott w.
scott w. Member Posts: 207
Didn't get the bushing out yet, am waiting on the heat guy to show up and will let him do the cutting and pounding. I am sure it will be screwed up if I attempt it.

Thanks for the info on the expando. Hopefully the heat guy is familiar with it.

Will post later in the week if successful.


  • scott w.
    scott w. Member Posts: 207
    help on busted radiator bushing

    Moved a nine foot radiator in the living room to fur out and insulate outside wall and to be able to run a/c ducts to 2nd floor.

    My problem today: as the radiator(made by the american radiator company) 2 pipe hot water was reinstalled and filled with water it started to leak at the bushing on the return side.

    The heat guy went to remove the bushing with a pipe wrench so a new one could be installed but the darn thing snapped off. He was left with the bushing threads inside the radiator, he tried to use a hack saw to cut part way through and pound out with a chisel but was afraid to wrestle to hard so as not to screw up the threads on the end section of the radiator. It seems as if it is frozen after 75 years of use. The heat guy is stumped as to how to remedy the situation
    Does any one have any recomendations as how to get this old bushing out without screwing up the threads on the radiator?

    I am desperate since I don't want to lose this nice big cast iron radiator. I am near Pittsburgh Pa and can't find anyone that rehabs rads. I couldn't get the thing out of the house anyway since it is a monster.

    Appreciate any and all suggestions.

    Trying to get my heat guy to take time and read this site.

  • how many?

    How many cuts did he made in the bushing? If a really stubborn bushing, I usually make 3 cuts and carefully knock them out with a good cheisel. Clean and expano the new bushing into the radatior
  • Al Letellier_9
    Al Letellier_9 Member Posts: 929
    rad bushing

    It's the only way.....chisel it out. Make as many cuts into the bushing as possible staying away from the threads and chip it out a small piece at a time. Chase the threads with a tap and you should be OK. Expando only necessary if you cut into the threads. Use teflon tape and pipe dope on the threads and you should be OK>

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  • scott w.
    scott w. Member Posts: 207
    air vents which side?

    THe heat guy cut the bushing three times and tried to chisel it out but was afraid he would screw up the threads on the rad. The metal bushing looks like it is frozen to the treads on the Rad. Will try your advice and see if we can cut it a few more times.

    Not much luck that day, heat guy removed a small rad on the second floor to replace the valve that was leaking. I painted the rad and the wall behind it. The heat guy reinstalled the rad and it leaked. Have to order a new part for it. Old houses AHHHHHH!

    What end of the rad should the air bleeder valve be located?
    I have some with the valve on the supply side and some with the return side. Does it matter?

    Thanks for your help

  • is the heating

    Is the heating guy a mechinc? Sometime its take a good heavy machineering mechinc to do the job, I orginally was going to be one before becoming a PhD...
  • Dave DeFord_4
    Dave DeFord_4 Member Posts: 26
    Something you might try..

    Get a small diameter sanding roll (tootsie roll) or preferably a carbide burr small enough to fit into the bushing and grind away at it until you have enough gone to get it out. It will be slow going but it might work. Beats buying a new radiator.
  • Ken_40
    Ken_40 Member Posts: 1,320

    its best to put the air vents opposite the steam inlet.

    But if it's a vapor system (two-pipe) that's a whole different scene...
  • scott w.
    scott w. Member Posts: 207


    This is a two pipe hot water system. Some of the rads have the air vent on the return side and some on the supply side. Does it really matter which side? The system origianlly iam guessing was a gravity flow

    In previous posts on this subject some ons mentioned expando. Can someone tell me what that is?

  • expando

    Doesn't matter which side the air vent are, as long its on top..... Expando is dark grey/black powder mixed with water into heavy paste, the stuff expand as its set up inside imperfect or bad threads, its a one time usage, no backing or tighten the fittings after the stuff cured... But its worked for me all these years... Did ya get those fittings out of the radatiors?
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