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Conditioning people - not buildings (GrandPAH)

Dave Yates (PAH)
Dave Yates (PAH) Member Posts: 2,162

As always, your thoughts and phrases uttered are permanently seared into my brain. I'm branded for life - Beanerized, as it were!

Been too dag-gonned busy in this heat-wave to participate in much - much less The Wall posts - but couldn't help scanning the posts about warm piggies and toasty floors.

Truth be told, if we're seriously concerned with conditioning people instead of buildings and if we design for low-temp apps (Limbo - how loooow can you goooo?) so that, if nothing else, those low-demand homes will be a perfect match with the inevitable and overwhelming coming-of-age solar systems, then said floors will almost always be below our skin surface temperature.

BTW, those ultra-low energy homes depicted did not spell out infiltration/exfiltration issues that certainly must exist as tightly constructed homes must be ventillated to properly condition people - yet another energy issue.

Before I digress too far. My home's ceramic tile floors were thought to be cool to the bare foot (most of the time) unless we approached design temps outdoors. Then, and only because mine is a somewhat screwed up installation that utilized the poorest of heat transfer methods, the floor surface temps are noticably warm to the foot. I've found I don't much care for that toasty-warm foot-feel as it throws off the natural balance in my bod - an anti-zen-like thing I suppose. But, I can tell you this after suffering through more than a few three to four day power outages, those previously perceived "cool" floors (dense ceramic material wicks Btu's away from flesh - falsely giving a cool-to-the-touch feeling) were shockingly cold when there was an absense of radiant energy driving Btu's up through them to grant us some conditioned creature comfort. The previous perception of "cool" was false.

As Robert said so eloquently and concisely: we condition people, not buildings.

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