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Spot Coolers

Evening All!Walked it a pizza shop for a snack and saw a SpotCooler running,it's the type that has a condensor air discharge tube stuck in the window. Now my question is this ,Where does the air for the air inlet to the condensor come from ? Obviously from within the room itself. All condensor coils reject more BTU's than the BTU's picked up by just the evap coil so ,(my next quertion)would the room actually get warmer? Makeup air has to be brought into the room .A misapplication of the SpotCooler ? Or is my thinking getting a little soggy like my clothes were at the time?Enjoy! Heat Wave,don't ya just love it!!!!!!!


  • Brad White_97
    Brad White_97 Member Posts: 15

    Spot cooling says it all... They are not steady-state machines. As you rightly suspect the condenser airflow is roughly 50 to 100% greater than the evaporator flow so the make-up air has to come from somewhere....

    The room as a whole will get warmer and the warmer it is outside (and more humid) the worse it gets... except in front of the nozzle.

    The applications mostly used are "mission critical" data rooms and the heat of rejection goes to a ceiling return cavity (a form of socialism- sharing misery with the group for there is no free lunch...). The load gets absorbed by central AC capacity and this one hopes, falls within the range of the system's diversity.

    But running a spot cooler in place is a mis-application.

    Sure it feels great to stand naked in front of the refrigerator, but pretty soon your grapes and banana will wither....
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343

    I have seen this kind to. Most use the room air as the inlet to the condenser and like you said, discharge to the outside. As far as MUA,...I don't think anyone takes into consideration the amount of discharge air, but if you think of it, their doors are always opening, and the exhaust fans are running so its a moot point I think.;-)

    Hot here to 91 today Buffalo, NY

    Mike T.
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144

    HOT! Worked so hard ,didn't have time to feel the heat!
  • Brad White_97
    Brad White_97 Member Posts: 15
    How hot was it?

    As my grandfather used to say, "Hot as a June bride in a featherbed"....

    :) Ayuh.
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