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Hard Start Kit

It depends on the starting components used.

In many insatnces, the hard start kit changes the PSC motor into a CSCR motor by using a potential relay. When such is the case, the contacts on the relay are normally closed and will open when the motor has reached a speed high enough to generate the required induced voltage to open the contacts on the PMR. The contacts on the PMR are wired in series with the start capacitor only so, when the contacts open, the run cap remains in the circuit.



  • cal_2
    cal_2 Member Posts: 3

    Had a call today, where the stat was not calling for AC, but OFM was running--very slowly but running--The only thing that I could find was the factory hard start kit relay was chattering a bit--I changed it and unit worked properly--Just wondering if any of you have seen something like this??
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Quick question.

    Is your contactor a 2 pole double throw type or 2 pole single throw.? Possibly the coil inside the Start relay was going on it and trying to make the circuit, but more likley the motor may be shorting to ground. What condition is the contactor in? Just some thoughts....

    Mike T.
  • Darin(in Michigan)
    Darin(in Michigan) Member Posts: 90
    Bad Cap?

    This summer was the first time I saw the effect of a capacitor with too many microfarads on a fan motor. Somehow the fan side of the cap got the same capacitance as the compressor(40 mf) instead of 5 mf. The result was the fan would start slow. Eventually it reached full speed but not before the internal by-pass on the compressor kicked in a time or two.
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