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installing baki boiler to existing system



  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746
    I almost hate to ask


    Are you a homeowner or a heating contractor?
  • Rob_33
    Rob_33 Member Posts: 2

    Must be HO.
  • Perry_2
    Perry_2 Member Posts: 381
    Couple of Questions:

    First; are you planning on buying this boiler for your house and are trying to find out in advance how to hook it up - or to get other advice related to buying the right boiler for your situation. If so you've come to the right place for advice.

    Or, do you already own this boiler and are only now trying to figure out how to make it work in your house. A cautionary note here.... It might not work; in which case I hope you can return it.

    If you have seven existing loops - then your concept of keeping it simple is long gone.

    Have you estimated your heating needs and Domestic water needs so that you have the right size boiler?

    Even if it is the right size boiler - hooking up a low flow condensing boiler to a high flow system can be done; but it is not normally a direct connection. Especially if you are replacing an older larger volume boiler.

    Please tell us where you are in your situation. Only then can the folks on this forum offer any real advice. Please note though; that if you have a complex situation and / or don't seem to have the skills necessary you will likely be advised to get a local heating professional involved.

  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    is it possible that your primary

    concern today is to find someone to put in a boiler and are set on buying that boiler? it is slightly different than the one you previously owned and you are trying to figure how to do it with what you had for a control strategy...pumping away?
  • paul debany
    paul debany Member Posts: 5
    baxi boiler

    still looking for diagram for connection to existing
    hot water system, the unit i have is baxi ht330 heating and
    hot water, any help to sits with diagrams listed.
    yes i am a "ho" as some have called me, contractor by trade
    with heating know how.

    thanks paul
  • none of your

    None of ur heating contractor buddies there to help you?
  • Tony_23
    Tony_23 Member Posts: 1,033
    I believe

    There are diagrams in the INSTALLATION MANUAL. When you have a handle on those basic items, most of us are willing to help with the "finer points".

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  • Perry_2
    Perry_2 Member Posts: 381
    I found the instruction manual in the internet


    Several days ago, when I first responded I did a quick internet search and found a downloadable copy of the instruction manual at one of the sites selling the boiler. Due to time pressure I did not download it.

    If you do not have an instruction manual - I am sure you can find it on the web.

    What interest me though... I'm a homeowner looking to replace my boiler. I did not search the web dealers and just buy a boiler from them. I searched the internet for information on my heating system and boilers in general and found "The Wall." I read all kinds of technical information posted in other sections of this site (start with Hot Tech Tips). I have been posting questions and helping on other post for several weeks now. This along with various other serches for information on boilers.

    I have downloaded or obtained instruction manuals for a variety of boilers (one company even snail mailed me a manual, and their brochures, after I emailed them a request for one) - and made sure that the manuals were complete instructions for normal installation (and not just overviews), and made sure that the boiler would work up front - and worked to identify issues that may be a problem; long before I have purchased anything (and I have not purchased anything yet).

    I have also had several heating contractors vist to discuss my situation, my long term plan for the house, and the options; and invited them to bid on the installing the boiler of their choice.

    Because of my research and this forum I am going to get a great system; and can ask for any help I need because I have helped to the best ability within my time limiations on this forum.

    At this point I am fairly sure what I want to do - and I have a heating contractor who is willing to work with me to do it (and he would even allow me to buy my own boiler where he does the install - of course, he ensured that what I was looking at was a quality boiler before asking me if all I wanted him to do was the install).

    Please note that I am fairly techincal minded, and have a lot of techical skills. In the past I have done pipefitting as part of a maintenance job situation. I can wire as well. Given the time and the tools (and I am short on the pipefitting tools) I am confident that I could actually do the work; and that it would be a crackerjack job. Yet, for several reasons I am going to have a professional install the boiler; and not quibble about what he will charge for that.

    My question... How did you approach your project? As another homeowner I am currious as to why you are sitting there with a boiler that you do not know how to install?

    Now perhaps you did in fact do a bunch of research and was lead down the wrong path elsewhere; or perhaps the dealer you purchased the boiler from promised you the world - and then didn't deliver (or you got the boiler from a local dealer who then went bankrupt before they finished the install). I'd just like to know how you got yourself into this situation.

    As the magazine says... inquiring minds want to know...


  • Find me a website where I can ask legal questions to lawyers and get an answer for free. Find me a website where I can ask questions about why my computer doesn't work right and get the solution for free. This is a great website for tradesmen and homeowners. Unfortunately some want info for free and then we complain about not being valued by our customers. I wish there was a fair solution to this. I didn't know I was on the clock. Let me send a piping diagram right away. Paul you could buy one of Dan Holohans books from this website. They are a good deal. And it would go to a good cause- a guy that invested his time to helping others.
  • Cosmo_3
    Cosmo_3 Member Posts: 845

    I have been wondering if this site should have been open to everybody myself.

    Of course I have gotten a lot of help here over the years, and have paid a little back also.

    I would hate to discourage anyone from not having access to this site. Nothing is perfect, but this IS the only website I visit everyday.

    Dan cannot please everyone.

    I think that the way things are right now is not bad, we are able to sniff out the cheaters ourselves for the most part.

    I just think that no matter what, there will be people out there that are shameless and couldn't care less about anyone else especially if they can save a buck. Nothing we can do about them but not do their work......cheap.

  • Roy_6
    Roy_6 Member Posts: 8

    Gentlemen, we omly sell our product to the trade. We only sell through heating/ HVAC/Plumbing distrbution.

    Paul if you bought your boiler from one of our Dealers I am sure that they will be able to help you and even put you intouch with a BAXI trained intsller.

    Through our Dealer network we hold training seminars to let the Heating Tradesmenn know how to install, commission and service our appliances. Our boilers are not "Rocket Science" by any stretch of the imagination but there are some set up proceedures that need to be done; if you do not set them correctly you can experience problems with the boiler operation, especially when producing DHW with our "combi" boilers. With the HT 330 you will need to use a combustiion analyser to ensure that the boiler is running at peak efficency particularly if you are converting it to operate with LP gas

    For this reason we do not sell our product on the internet and actively try to stop this from happening. Some people say that we are possibly loosing sales by doing this.......most probably we are. We make a quality product, which when installed properly should give you years of trouble free and efficient operation.

    Use Dan's excellent site as Perry says to 'find a profesional', if you do he can help with your heating design and give you valuable advice. You may find that he can do your installation for less money than you think, what ever it will cost you will know that he has had many years of training and probably many years of experience. If you still decide to 'do it yourself' the money for that knowlage will have been well spent. Whatever you do ask him to call back at the end of your install to check if the system is safe and to commission your boiler.

  • Bob Sweet
    Bob Sweet Member Posts: 540

    Calling Roy, think Albuquerque Winair-- how's our friends north of the border doing?

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  • Roy_6
    Roy_6 Member Posts: 8
    Hi Bob

    Thanks for dropping in to say Hi.

    Anybody in NM wanting information about BAXI, you can't find better help than Bob and his team at Albuquerque Winair.

    Are you Guy's comming up to see us at ISH or are you waiting till we get to Dallas?

  • Bob Sweet
    Bob Sweet Member Posts: 540

    Hey Roy long time since talking to you! Not sure if I'll get time to make it to either event but theres talk that the Rep. and I will be coming your way soon, something I'd love to do. Love the boiler and support from you guys. The Modulo is really taking off.

    Good to see you here Roy.

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  • Page 1 - Baxi Luna HT330 instruction sheet -
    "Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service agency, or the gas supplier."

    It is repeated on page 3.

    But what make we think the gas suppliers know more than we do went it comes to installing boiler? Like the other post regarding the improper installation of steamer by gas company?
  • Ron Schroeder
    Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998

    Like everything else there are gas and oil companies that are just as knowledgable as most us here and there are plummers that are and then again there are those that are not. So what do you sujest that we become licensed on each individual line of equipment that we work on?? there does need to be a line somewhere.

  • Bob Forand
    Bob Forand Member Posts: 305

    Where are you located ? How did you come by this boiler ?
    The boiler that you have is a great piece of equipment, but I second Roy, to the fact that it must be set up properly upon install. Unfortunately this isn't really a DIY type of product. Not only do you need a combustion analyzer, you must be sure to pipe the boiler properly. When set up properly you can expect a great savings in fuel, when not set up properly you can expect to spend more on fuel. This is truly a case where spending a penny wisely makes sense....

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