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sanyo mini splits

thanks ,this building is going to be a challenge ,and the nearest supply house is an hour away ,thanks for the heads up on info.


  • rick_45
    rick_45 Member Posts: 13
    sanyo mini splits

    installing mini splits soon ,have not read literature yet ,anything i should watch out for ,i believe they are the 410 pre charged units.
  • Darin(in Michigan)
    Darin(in Michigan) Member Posts: 90
    Sanyo minisplits

    Good unit but be prepared for anything. The following are items that drive me nuts about the sanyos(Hey reps-are you paying attention:)
    1) There is no consistency between any of the packages. IOW, when you order a single banger 2 ton, the indoor fan coil will be totally different from the 18 or 12000 BTU unit. If you are installing a three banger(three fancoils, one outdoor unit) none of the indoor components will look the same as the single systems. If your installing a two banger, its a crap shoot if it will be similar to the three unit or the single.

    2) The manufacturer wants you to use their pvc adapter to adapt to 3/4 PVC. Some knucklehead in design thought it would be funny to put a little taper on the connections so when you glue it together, they want to come right back apart, so there you sit waiting for it to dry while you hold it together(don't let go to early). The best way around that is we use reinforced vinyl tubing but some of the units require 1". Again, back to number one. You almost have to open every fan coil up to see what size tubing u need.

    3) Avoid going out the left side of the fancoil. There is an extremely limited amount of space behind the fan coil for your pvc, lineset, and control voltage. If you can go out the right side, all your connections are outside of the cabinet and hopefully outside the house or in a closet.

    4) If you are putting in a 24000 single, the adapter for the saturated liquid line to go from 1/4 to 3/8 in the outdoor unit is in the indoor unit packaging(WWWHHHYYYY!!!!!?). Don't go looking for it in the outdoor unit package, it's not there. That would make to much sense.

    5) There are no charging charts for future service calls. You have to weigh it in. My attitude, if you're over freezing under normal load with a +25 degree split, close enough.

    6) The charge adjustment figure to set the final charge based on lineset length is not under the topic you would expect. It's under "choosing the outdoor unit location" or something like that. You really need to look to find it.

    I feel they are a good unit some shortcomings take the fuzzy feeling away from the install. my 2c
  • Mike(also in MI)
    Mike(also in MI) Member Posts: 1
    sanyo mini splits

    I agree with all of Darin's points, another thing to look for is they package the rubber isolators under the outdoor section, I just had to go digging in my "trash box" for the silly things.
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