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Convector sizing

steve_173 Member Posts: 140
I need some help getting the EDR or BTU on some convectors. I'm replacing a boiler in a home with both radiators and convectors. The cabinets are as follows:

Convector(Height,Width)-Convector Cabinet(Height,Width,Depth)
[8,35-24,44,6] ***
[8,53-20-21,62.25,7.625] ***
[8,53-24.25,62.5,7.75] ***
[8,51-24,59,5.75] ***

There are about 38 steel fins per foot. The fins are 8" high by the depth of the cabinet. I'll double check the pipe size and post it as soon as I get it.

Thanks in advance if you can help.


  • steve_173
    steve_173 Member Posts: 140
    rule of thumb?

    Is the 1 EDR/inch of element accurate enough for boiler sizing?
  • Roland_4
    Roland_4 Member Posts: 84
    convector sizing


    Try this link. A VERY rough estimate is 600btu/foot. Not gospel.
  • steve_173
    steve_173 Member Posts: 140

    Thanks, I used that link too, but from what I understand each convector is slightly different. I don't know exactly what I have. If only the manufacturers put a plate on the unit with EDR and BTU. 600 btu/linear foot sounds low. Do you mean per square foot of convector cabinet? I tried that and even that seems low for steam.
  • Roland_4
    Roland_4 Member Posts: 84
    covector sizing

    The 600btu/linear foot(at 180*F) was quoted to me by a heating contractor. He wasn't the most up-front guy I've ever met(whole 'nother story)so take it with a large grain of salt. Can you post a picture of a typical convector unit which shows the actual element? What I know about hydronics could only get me in lots of trouble so I leave it to the experts. They are out there 'cause I can hear them breathing.
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