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oil heat problem

Is this a new issue, meaning that it was fine last season, or are you new to the property? Has any work been done?
Is there a possibility that the T-stat connections are crossed, making the HOT zone react to the COLD t-stat?


  • Jen_6
    Jen_6 Member Posts: 1
    oil heat problem

    I have oil heat and only half of my house heats up. My kitchen, bathroom, living room and master bedroom are very cold, while my childrens rooms are boiling hot. There are two thermostats. I have bleed the pipes and now am at a loss as to what to do.
  • Brad White_184
    Brad White_184 Member Posts: 135
    The fuel used is a red herring

    Having oil is probably not the issue but the distribution is. Is this a hot water system as I presume it is?

    Are the hot rooms as a group and cold rooms as a group on specific zones? If so, I would start there. See if your zone valve or circulator (however the heat is delivered) is working. It may be a simple loose connection, a burned out control valve head or someone switched off the circulator power disconnect. Happens all the time. If you have control valves, there may be a lever which will manually open the valve to allow flow.

    The fact that you have heat in some areas tells me it is a distribution problem.

    Can you describe the system better, maybe post some pictures?
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