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Our first Home Show .... s milne

ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
I forgot to mention the posters I had made of my sons. I used them for ads that we did and then had them blown up for the trade show.

Is that nepotism ??


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  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Our local Chamber of Commerce

    had their home show this last weekend. This is the third year and after my wife told me my compeditors were there, I figured I better do something.

    My thought was if I was going to do it ... then I'm going to do it the best we could.

    We reserved two booths instead of one, I built a radiant floor that was hooked up to a 2.5 gal. electric hwh. We borrowed a Buderus GB, a Takagi HWH, a Toto ECO toilet and I had a slide show of our jobs with a big monitor.

    We made a brocher telling how green we are, pens with our names and a little blue tape measure with our logo and phone number.

    We got twelve solids lead and A BUNCH of people who now know our name and telephone number.

    Oh, we also raffled of a Whole House sediment filter with free install.

    Over all I think it went well.


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  • jackchips_2
    jackchips_2 Member Posts: 1,338
    Trade shows

    is the business my wife is in Scott and after seeing your exhibit let me know when you are ready for another career and I'll arrange an interview.

    Well done.

  • Paul Fredricks_5
    Paul Fredricks_5 Member Posts: 132

    At a previous employer we did a few home shows. I built a hydroair system, complete with boiler, indirect, condensing unit, and a horizontal air handler. We had a corner booth. I put a small fan in the air handler and positioned it so that as people came across the isle on the end the air blast would hit them. They'd turn to see what it was and look right into our booth. We got a lot of work from those shows.

    Sounds like you definitely did it right, Scott. Prepare to be busier.
  • John Barba
    John Barba Member Posts: 166

    Only if you hired them over other, more qualified children to sit around and have their picture taken. Nice job, my man!

  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928

    Nicely done Scott!

    I must ask.

    What was the temperature of the sample floor related to the temperature outside?

  • Paul Rohrs_4
    Paul Rohrs_4 Member Posts: 466
    Pictures of your wife...

    I have pictures of your wife for next years booth if you want them. Couldn't hurt.... :)


  • Darin Cook_5
    Darin Cook_5 Member Posts: 298
    Home Show

    Well done, Bud.

    Let me ask you a few questions:

    1) How much solar thermal interest was there?

    2) How many people asked about instantaneous water heaters?

    3) Did you notice that the size homes people are talking about building have shrunk in size?

    4) Were people asking how to make their homes more energy efficient?

    Nice job - Home Shows will give you name recognition if nothing else.


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  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Wow Scott,:)

    it looks like you manged to cover all the bases *~/:)

    I think the group pic was the best :) everyone looking habby and healthy and wise .
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884

    1 + 2 were about the same, 3 was never mentioned and in my neck of the woods has'nt happened yet and the answer to 4 is NO. Nobody asked me how to make thier homes more efficient. I will say alot of the people are pretty well read and knew alot of what they wanted already.

    Really, name recognition was what I was after but I think we got some good leads that we'll follow up on.


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  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    look at em

    they come from good stock. How could I not use them.

    Thanks Pal.

    See you in two weeks.

    I'll be in the Bah ..


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  • Big Will
    Big Will Member Posts: 394
    Great booth

    I have done two home shows now. If it works out for you like it did for me you will be hearing from people from the show until next year. And its great for name recognition. So many people appreciate that the owner is there shaking hands and talking to them gives them a connection I guys. Its a lot of work but worth it. Really nice both.
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